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kalie g
WHY does it burn when i pee?
ive heard i have herpes but im really not sure ...i also scared of the hospital and big objects around my body

go to your doctor it maybe a urine infection and you will get tablets.

cindy k
You more than likely have a bladder infection, which needs to be treated by your Dr. you feel as if your full and then you try to go and nothing but burning. until you can get in to your Dr. drink plenty of water, cranberry juice and ask your pharmacist for some OTC meds that will help w/ the burn until you can see your Dr. good luck

maybe u have an urinary tract infection (uti) or std

STD, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or you're peeing on an electric fence.
Seriously - having herpes does not usually involve hospitals, there are 8 types of herpes which effect humans (including chicken pox) most of which can be treated antiviral medication (ointment and tablets) obtainable from your GP - which should be your first port of call, or Zovirax and other cold sore treatments are available from the chemist.

I had the same issue and was told that i was dehydrated, drank lots of water and it went away.

go and see a doctor what ever it is ain't just gonna go away if u ignore it! drink plenty of water that might help a bit but u really do need to go and see a doctor they shouldn't start prodding and poking u with stuff straight away maybe just do a urine sample first.

Andrew J
Well its most likely 2 things.

1. STD.

2. Urinary tract Infection.

In either case go see a doctor.

First you should get urine tested for routine analysis and urine culture. Possible indications- urinary tract infection, microscopic calcium oxalate crystals/uric acid stones and STD. Drink plenty of water to flush out bacteria.
Contact a Urologist.

You have to the doctor or a special clinic! I am not doctor though so I cant tell you what it is! However think of it this way would you rather be alive and treated for what you've got even if its just an infection or go on not knowing running the risk of it being something serious and risk something serious that could lead to...say....death?

you stuck it in the "funky monkey" --go to the doc

Donot be afraid.Burning urine may be due to infection.See a doctor and urine test result will suggest reasons.A course of anti biotics may cure you.Good Luck

PeeMee has left the Building !!
It could be just a urine infection, or thrush, but please see the doc, it will only get worse,try taking Cranberry capsules this helps to clean the urinary tract

It's probably just a urinary tract infection, but you should schedule an appointment to see a doctor. You don't necessarily have to go to a hospital and the test doesn't usually include any large objects or any pervasive testing-- it's usally just a urine test that a lab runs after you give them a sample of urine in a plastic test cup. Antibiotics usually clear up the pain by the 2nd day and the problem/infection itself within 5-7 days completely.
But it may be a more serious STD, in which case you owe it to yourself and your health to get it checked out... good luck.

drink ALOT of water and cranberry juice!! it could be a urinary proble also theres a pill called A.V.O take that its for U.T.I...

it sound of abit like cystitis you need to drink alot of fluid water or cranberry juice is the best, this is because your urine is very acidy at the moment so you have to dilute it

You may have an infection, or be dehydrated.

Drink more water, have a decent wash and take some antibiotics.

If it continues go see a pharmacist or your doctor.

hard to say exactly what the cause is without knowing other possible symptoms present...

most common cause of burning upon urination is a uti (urinary tract infection). these are common and easily treatable.

other symptoms of a uti are:

frequent urge to urinate but with little voiding of urine
lower back pain-sometimes severe
urine has foul odor
urine is dark yellow and might be tinted pink due to blood being present

you need to be seen by a physician asap-within 24 hours b/c you run the risk of becoming dehydrated

you need to report to the emergency room immediately if :
you develop a fever 101 or greater
you have severe backpain that is not relieved with the ibuprofen
you start to urinate bright red blood

if you're not having any of the above symptoms then you're probably ok to wait to see your regular doctor-but make sure to get it checked out.

being seen for this won't require big objects-just a simple urine test that requires you to pee in a cup and the doctor writing you a prescription for antibiotics to treat the infection

There could be a lot fo reasons why it burns when you urinate. Not nessecarily STD's. If you are afraid of hospitals and big tools and stuff. Try a free clinic devoted to such hapenstances. Planned Parenthood is a great place to start. I have been there myself, and everyone is very friendly. All they will ask is some brief history, and take a urine sample,as long as you can give them one :). Well, much luck to you, and I hope everything works out.

Maybe some kind of infection. See a doc at once otherwise you have to suffer more. You have to be scared of the infection not the doc.

Tara D
I had that and it got so bad that I began to bleed. I went to the doctor and it was a bladder infection. The best thing for that is cranberry juice. Cleans out the urinary tract. Also stay away from carbonated drinks and milk. Water is best, but I hate water so I drank hawaiian punch and Hi-C until I got better.

Could be a kidney or bladder infection or an std. See a doctor.

sounds like cystitis to me, ask for a over the counter remedy at a chemist.

It could be a number of reasons for that. You need to go get checked out. It could be Herpes or another STD.

Go see a doctor, it could be many of things, could be a STD, could be maybe you might have a uninary tract infrection, or a bladder infection, or even a yeast infection. Definately go see a doctor and please do not wait.

Its the infection thats causing the burn. consult a doc and take treatment...now!

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