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So you can get pregnanat even if you have a std ?
i heard plenty of rumors... you can an cant.. i need help.. because i think i have a std ... but i think im pregnant i havent had a period for a month 1/2

YES, you can get pregnant if you have an STD. Some, like chlamydia, may make it harder (it can cause tubal blockage) but having an STD is not a form of birth control. If you think you have an STD and/or you think you could be pregnant, see a doctor for goodness sake!

Yes you can, you can pass it to the baby. Unless you had like untreated chlamydia which might lead to infertility.

yes u can


john d
yes you can make an appointment with an obgyn

yes you can get pregnant with a std. who told you you couldn't?

jodi g
First of all, YES you can get pregnant if you have an STD. Honey, you need to get to the doctor ASAP. If you are indeed pregnant & have an STD you could be putting the baby at serious risk. Most STD's can be successfully treated while you are pregnant. The danger comes from not taking care of it. This makes for a very dangerous situation not only for the baby, but for you as well.

Yes you can and even worse, you can give it too your child in childbirth! I believe HIV is the only one you can give the child just by carrying but all the others are definite in childbirth, even causing blindness! Get an EPT, if you are, call your DR. immediately, the meds may be bad for the baby!

Yes u can, u can also pass it on to ur baby. U need to see a dr if u think u have an STD and are pregnant.

Yes. What they mean about not being able to get pregnant is the people who has had the std for YEARS. Some STDs make you sterile.

Mrs. Smarty Pants
Yes, you can get pregnant, but if you do have an std, you can pass that along to your baby. Especially if you have Chlamydia, which if left untreated can cause blindness in the baby as it passes through the birth canal. Also, if you continue to get std's, it can cause you to become sterile, which, in my opinion, you don't need children if you cannot protect yourself.

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