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i had a rash on the palm of my hand... i have never had one......

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 Why do men get crabs in their eyebrowes.?

My mom has aids how do i cope?

Additional Details
i have shorts on

My mother has Multiple sclerosis.... I would first like to say, that your not the only one, so don't put yourself down cuz we all live through pain...*sigh*.....i do at least....Anyway make sure that there isn't any way that she'd passes it onto you. Just sit down with your mother and talk. It doesn't matter about what, at least if you communicate, you will feel connected. Explain to her that you fell this way and that you don't know how to cope with it. Listen to your mother, just remember that you will face many other problems in the future, so you need to come up with a strategy on how pass them in the future...Take care.

Yash B
I think you should stand beside her and support her.

Jacob's Mommy
Sorry to hear.
Try a support group! They help more than you think. If you're a little skeptical about it, call a teen hotline and they will talk to you or simply listen to anything you have to say. Without judgements. In support groups remember that everyone there is going thorugh something imilar to what you are, and they are so happy to hear how you feel and listen to what you have to say! Free support groups:

"Lil HoLlYwOoD"
I'm sorry good luck Just keep her head up

Show this website to your Mom. Pay close attention to the MMS paragraph.

in life you only get 1 mother, so dont hold it ginst her just love her for who she is!!!!

put her in a home. there. you're done with her.

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