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My daughter is wahing her clothes at uni by sharing a washing machine loadwith friends.?
Is this a problem with regard to catching aids etc


sorry, but that's very ignorant, of course there isn't.

don't think so/if using/ hot water/would i /do it /NO


I have a name now
i don't mean to be rude but if your daughter is at uni then she obviously didn't inherit her IQ from you.
i really don't believe that today with so much info on things like that that you'd think she'd catch Aids from clothes in a washing machine!!!! you really should get more informed on these things.
or are you mentally un stable as your daughter has left home and you may of lost the plot sounds like extreme anxitey

There is no way she can catch aids.

Not at all, as far as I know

No I really dont think there is. If you are a worried/unsure about how STD's are caught speak to your doctor or look it up on line. :-)

Basically the HIV virus or AIDS virus cannot last outside of the body. While it is highly destructible inside the body, it is extremely fragile outside of the body and cannot survive.

So there is ultimately no chance of contracting HIV or AIDS through sharing a washing machine.

Hope this helps! :)

Global Surveyor
No, definately not, what a strange question. Maybe you should have gone to uni then you would have the intelligence not to ask it.

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
The only thing she's going to get is clean clothes. H.I.V can not live outside the body without a carrier IE: blood or bodily fluids for more than a few seconds.Water out of the washing machine doesn't count!.

Link here to tell you how STD's are contracted....


Only if they are washing syringes together!

I can't believe this is a genuine question.

Wow, there's a lot or mean people on here. Sorry about that, I've reported them. Your daughter wont get aids because the washing process washed any virus away. Anything like that goes down the tube. The washing power/liquid should also get rid of any bacteria. Washing will also stop the spread of any fungal infections. People who have fungal infections are encouraged to wash their clothes regularly to stop the fungus and the bacteria that feed the fungus. The heat in a drier will finish anything off.

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