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It hurts when i pee and im sure its not an std?
im a girl
when i go to pee i pee a little and as i keep peeing i get a extremely bad pain really "low" and right above.it has been going on all day and since yesterday ive had to pee many many times.i havent told my mom yet.i think im going to tell her tomarrow.please tell me what u think it might be and give details of symtoms and what i should do about it.thank you so much.
Additional Details
i already drink a LOT of water

It sound like a UTI or bladder infection. Most STDs are burning upon urination and a discharge.

it could be a bladder infection. tell your mom she can take you to the doctor

Check this website i gave you below it has all kinds of the symptoms and problems.Hope it works!

flossie mae
It's probably a bladder infection and it will only get worse.You need to tell your Mom because you need to see a Doctor and get antibiotics for it.Your bladder swells and thats why you have to continually pee because it can't empty out.I had one a few years ago and I hurt so bad I couldn't sleep.

You may have a bladder infection. Drink Cranberry juice-lots. If you can find the Cranberry capsules(In the vitamin section) take them until you see your doctor. See your doctor as soon as possible. Hope you feel well soon.

Libby A
Keep drinking the water. If it isn't better in the morning tell your mom. So she can take you to the doctor.

It sounds like you have a bladder infection. Call your Dr. and have a yarn with his nurse about it.

Jennifer S
sounds like a bladder infection, ive had many of these and they are no big deal, drink water or cranberry juice and you can take a pill called cystex its helps also, this usually clears it up in a week!!

Michelle S
It sounds like you probably have a urinary tract infection. It can make you have to urinate a lot, and burn when you urinate. Try drinking cranberry juice and make sure you go to the bathroom when you need to, trying to hold it can make you more prone to UTIs. Here's a link to more info about UTIs on webmd.com
You should also probably have your mom make you a doctor appointment. You may need antibiotics to clear up the infection. Hope this info helps.

just tell her it hurts when you pee should be enough

bladder or unary tract infection. in my opion?

If you feel a burning sensation it could be a uninary tract infection. Tell your mom that way she can get you to a doctor. It has nothing to do with a STD if that is what it is.

it could be a bladder infection

Funny Girl
I would say to check with a doctor, but it sounds like you may have a bladder infection. You can get an antibiotic and all will be well. Definitely, tell your mom ASAP!

been there done that it sounds like a urinary tract infection(uti) go to the doctor and get the antibiotics - does not sound like any std I've heard of so don't be afraid to tell your mom

bladder infection or a uniary trac infection. drink A LOT of water

It sounds like a urinary tract infection. I get them all the time and they feel terrible. They can be caused by a lot of things including different soaps, and drinking or eating alot of citric or acid foods such as tea, lemonaid, orange juice and lots of other things. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Tell your mom and go to the doctor right away. All they will do it have you pee in a little jar and they will examine it for bacteria or blood. They will give you a pill to stop the pain and urgency (feeling like you have to pee a lot). And an antibiotic to clear the infection. There is no need to be in pain when the cure is so easy. Call your doctor now and in the meantime drink lots of water.

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