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 I get canker sores every once in a while, does that mean i have herpes 1?
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Is there any topical cream you can buy at the pharmacy for herpes if you dont have a prescription?

Additional Details
or what else is there i can do to stop the outbreaks without having precsriptions

Love My Hubby
Go to GNC.com look up Mega acidophyliuos. I know i'm spelling it wrong but it works for me. If i feel a little itchy i take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening until it goes away.

not that I'm aware of, go to your doctor!!!!!!

Oh please. I believe in and use Bach Flower remedies but they are not intended for curing diseases/viruses. How irresponsible of you.

Please take care of yourself and go to a doctor! I know that it is embarrassing, but you need to be educated about your disease and get on medication to help stop the outbreaks.

You must have a prescription otherwise you are going to spread it to everyone you are sleeping with etc... please be responsable and get your self to the nearest health clinic.. health department or doctor and get treatment. If you do not it is irresponsable and dangerous to everyone you came in contact with.

The herpes virus lies dormant and outbreaks typically occur when your body's immune system is low, you are subjected to stress or your diet is incorrect.
By controlling these three elements one can reduce outbreaks to a minimum.
Get a free herpes survival guide at http://1herpes-treatment.com/

You need prescription medicine. There are three kinds of oral medication and one kind of ointment to treat herpes.

Herpes outbreaks can go away on their own, but it can take time, a LONG time. It can take months to go away on it's own. The best thing you can do is get a prescription. Just go to the doctor and get a prescription and get the generic kind which is less expensive.

You don't need to take the medicine every day, just when you are having an outbreak. I don't take the medicine everyday, just when I feel I'm going to have an outbreak or I am having one. The medicine is too expensive to take everyday, and it makes me nauseous.

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