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Is it true that hiv can take up to 10 yrs. to show up in a blood test??
I'm confused I always thought that hiv took 3-6 months to get an accurate reading from a blood test. Someone told me it could take ten years. Is this true????

yes it is true hun Check out this site where it was proven!!

Yes, I've heard that too.

yes it does take up to ten years to show up.i ask a doctor and he told me it takes up to ten years to show up in your blood tests.


yeah it's true..so you culd have it and have no idea..scary isn't it.

ive heard that too.

I have always heard 10 years?

It used to be but now they have better tests and it depends on what strain it is

Dear Christina

In answer to your medical question, if HIV can take upto 10 years to be detected in the blood, then the Heamatology Department who does the blood test's must be running on a go slow.

In truth and under today's medical science, a Blood Test can take a matter of just minute's to determine whether, or not a person as HIV in there blood.

The information which you have been given with regards to it taking 10 years, is nothing more than a load of stuff and nonesense.

I therefore trust that this answer's your medical question.

People! Please pay attention!

Hiv WILL show up within 3 months on today's blood tests. Absolutely!

The "10 year" thing that some of you are thinking about is this.....Hiv generally turns into AIDS in around 10 years. Hiv is the VIRUS. The test looks for the virus. The virus can go about 10 years, once you are infected, before it starts really giving you problems with all the Opportunistic Infections.


Nancy L
It takes 3 months for the body to start to build antibodies against the HIV. You can then be tested for a positive or negative result.

The virus can lay dormant in the body for up to ten years or more before signs or symptoms start to appear. The first signs are flu-like symptoms characterized by fever, myalgia, malaise and later, lymphadenopathy. Later, other symptoms may become more prevalent, such as skin ulcers or mucosal erosions or breakdowns.

No. But it can take up to a year to show on blood tests. That's why they say to get tested every 3 months.


It can take up to 10 years for symptoms to satrt showing, not a hiv test because there are different types of test which actually detect the actual hiv or antigen which appear quickly than the antibodies.

Take care

If you'be been infected the HIV virus should show up within 3 - 6 months as you say. The onset of full-blown AIDS can take up to 10 years in some cases.

no that was back in the day if you think you have been exposed youre doctor will test you that same day and then again in 6 months the tests have gotten much more fined tuned now

my doctor recenttly told me it takes 3 months . maybe the test are more sophisticated now.

Stacy C
No, it can take up to 6 months at teh most.

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