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julie j
Is it possible to contract HIV from being eaten out?

no saliva does not contain the virus

Ryan W
You would need to absorb around 2 litres of saliva from being 'eaten out' into your blood stream to develop the disease, otherwise i think your safe.

NYC Girl
Yes. If that person has open cuts or sores in his or her mouth its can be transfered. Lets say when you brush your teeth and your gums bleed and you choose to go down well there you go its just that easy.

Yes. His gums could possibly be bleeding from flossing earlier, or he could have an open cut or sore. Very possible.

2020 A
Yes as their saliva gets all over you! Anytime any of their body fluids touch you you run the risk of catching anything they have.

HIV is present in saliva, and if you have an open sore, and the saliva enters it, than yes you can.
It is unlikely, but possible.

sure if you had big cut in your cooch and he had a big cut in his mouth!

dragonfirenova IsMyMainYimTag
yes..its an exchange of bodily fluids..

You need to stay with your restricted circle of players . The mouth is full of germs and the thin tissues let the germs into the blood stream.


It's not real likely, but yes it's possible. Go down and get a free test, and get yourself some peace of mind. It's just a mouth swab and should be completely anonymous.

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