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Is it possible that you can get type 2 herpes by kissing?
just so i know before i want to start kissing this guy i have been going out with because he had a small but nasty bump on his lip and i'm kinda of scared and running out of lies i think he's starting to catch on

Type 2 herpes is also known as kissing disease. a child can get it from his/her mother by a kiss from mom. about 85 percent of population has it. it comes out during stress or lots of sunshine. it is a virus that lives in nerves. If you ever had a cold sore, that means you already have herpes type 2.

You certainly can. Even sharing a glass. herpes are extremely contageous only when it is blistering though, once its totally scabbed and carries no liquid in the sore then it is fine (still recommend you refrain from kissing) but yes its contageous.

People need to be more responsible when they carry the herpes virus. Im a carrier myself and if I have a break out I make sure my blisters make no contact with other peoeples lip gloss/lips/glass's/water fountains/towels or anything.

Country Pride
Sorry to say,but,yes you can. I don't think you should lie, or feel like you need to lie to him (not a good foundation for a relationship). He should be mature enough to understand, not to mention,he should get some type of medication for it. At least, you have enough good sense not to take a chance of you contracting it.

Cool Dude
Don't kiss him; it's not worth it because ther'e almost 100% chance that he's infected with herpes and all it takes to infect another person is 1 virus cell. In this case, it is better to tell him exactly the truth:Tell him that you can't kiss him beause it's not safe for you since there's no cure from herpes.

Just ask the guy is he has herpes. Know a bunch of people that have been born with it and have for life treatment, some are married now, no problem with wife or kids. Maybe someone punch him or he was in an accident on this is a remaining scar, any way ask.

90% of Americans have type 1
10% have been confirmed type 2 infected.
Type 1 can be transmitted 'downtown'

If he has a sore it's usually one of those types and you can 'get' it uptown if you kiss him

You won't get it downtown unless he kisses you there.

I say, a stich in time saves nine and many nights of anxiety. Stay away from cold sore boy for a couple weeks.

It sounds gross anyways. Can you be honest and tell him the sore bothers you and he ought to get it 'checked out'? He doesn't need to get it 'checked out' but the message will be very clear.

It's becuase he likes to kiss that probably got him here in the first place. There may be no issue, but would you like to be the great detective to get the diagnosis, no thanks.

A cold sore or type 2 herpes can be passed by kissing - why would you want to kiss someone with a nasty bump on his lip? It's obvious he's having an outbreak. Protect yourself! Good luck!

you mean a cold sore? then yes, they can be spread by kissing.

Why would u kiss a man with a nast bump on his lip any way? please be careful. As for ur question, yes u can if the bump is herpes.

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