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 At what age can you start giving your baby eggs? I forget.?
I'm just having my breakfast and my 10 1/2 month old son is looking intrigued. Is it ok if I let him try some?
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WHAT! How the crap did this question go under STDs? ...

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What's an outbreak?...

 Is it true you can get STD like diseases from peeing in the Sea?
Is it true?

In the sea , not at the sea....

 Should you go to work when you have? Nice answers please!!?
Should you go to work when you have an outbreak of herpes virus 1. Just the outbreak on your lips?
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I wasnt sure if you can give them to someone just by touching your ...

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 Recently my fiance of 3 years told me he has HPV with warts. I do not have the virus.?
I told him we would have to use a condom from now on. 3 days later after no calls he broke up w/me via e-mail...my friends think he did this because he wants to find someone that may not know of his ...

 What are these pus-filled lumps?
Occasionally i get a painful lump on my labia and when i touch it, a whole load of pus comes out and then a little bit of blood.
No itchiness, no discharge, just pain.

What the hell ...

 Can you get aids from a virgin?

Is it against the law to give someone a std without them knowing.?

antonia a
how would we know do you have std's. i dont know be dum and do it

yes it is against the law to give someone an std if you knowingly do it. if you don't know you have it then that's different. that person could turn around and sue you. if you infect someone with HIV then you can be charged with attempted murder, or worse if the person dies you will be charged with murder.

i think it depends on if you know you have an std and are giving to ppl purposely

not sure if it's illegal i just know if you gave someone an s.t.d. and knew you had it, thats MORALLY WRONG

Yes, it is especially in the case of HIV. People are going to jail for it. In Canada at least.

No.....but thats really ****ed up if you know you have something and give someone what you have without telling them.

You're sick.

I would think that if you knew that you had a STD and exposed them you could charged for assault and battery..if you have seen in the news people have been arrested exposing others if they are HIV positive and didn't advise of the possible exposure.

HIV yes

Yes. It is called attempted murder. I have actually come across a case exactly like that.

i believe that it is if the STD is HIV or full blown AIDS.

uhh yea

It's against the law if you KNOW you have an STD, and expose them without informing them of the fact. If you're unaware, then no. A person can, and would deserve to go to jail for inecting another on purpose.

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