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 My sister told me the eating lots of grapes can prevent herpes. T or F?

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Is herpes and chicken pox the same thing?
my sister told me that they are the same infection, but in a different location.
is this true?

Your sister is full of it. Herpes is a disease of the mouth or privates and is untreatable but can be managed. Chicken pox(child) is a virus that once you have it will go away and you will never get it ever again, mostly everyone gets chicken pox sometime in their life, as an adult it is known as shingles or another type of herpes, dont know the full name, however most people dont get herpies unless they come in direct contact with the sore on the infected person.

Herpes is a virus. Some doctors believe that the origin of the Herpes virus is Chicken Pox and so they may give a series of chicken pox vaccinations for a sufferer...

no its not true

Well, you and your sister, while not the same person, are closely related...same with all the herpes virus family.

Look here:


Herpes the gift that keeps on giving...

They are not the exact same infection. It is too in depth to go into here but look up these two things............herpes zoster and varicella zoster.

I think they're related. I got the chicken pox when I was 17, (I caught it from my 15 year old brother), and the doctor gave me herpes medicine to reduce the breakout.

No! H

Yes. You are talking about Shingles or Herpes zoster.
Read more- http://www.doctorgoodskin.com/ds/shingles/

Not at all. Your sister is completely wrong.

Herpes Zoster and chicken pox are the same thing. Herpes Zoster is adult form of chicken pox, also known as shingles. They are very painful and very contagious.

Herpes simplex is the STD form of herpes that we hear about, not the same thing at all!

No, they are entirely different.

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