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wet cat
Is gential warts curable?

Nope. The doc will cut them off, but they will come back.

Slim Shady
srry no

I had 1 once, but it had babies. Doc said i should have had it cut off before it got worse. Go see a dermatologist.
They did not come back.

Not curable, but deffinetly treatable. Maybe treatable in the coming years! You never know with modern science/technology, so don't get down on yourself! If you're a girl make sure you take precautions, because you are at more risk for cervical cancer now.

Nope, that is one of the many non curable diseases.

no its not curable, but it is treatable...it is caused by the HPV (human papilloma virus) which you see many commercials for the gardasil vaccine on TV for.
nce you have it you have it for life...it lays dormant inside your skin/body and will erupt at various times depending on the body's condition...IE: sickness, depression, compromised immune system.
The warts can be burned off, frozen off, treated with an acidic cream or ointment put on by the doctor and then removed by the doctor
if you have them visible and get them removed they may not come back the rest of your life or you may have them erupt again soon...its all a game of chance I would say..and the healthier you keep your body the better off you will be....some warts will go away on their own and some natural remedies for them is something called papilloderm you can get it via the internet or through a naturopathic doctor its a vitamin A treatment for external warts...for the internal ones (if female) you can get something done called escarotic (spelling isnt right) treatment...its done by a naturopathic doctor and doesnt hurt nearly as bad as a colposcopy with biopsy and then the various other treatments like freezing..which feels like horrible menstrual cramps

billy s
no but there is teatment


No, because it is caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Virii are incurable; your body just manages by producing antibodies. However, there's no telling as to whether or not you will ever show symptoms again (abnormal pap or warts). That's sort of a coin toss. Your best way to fight the return of symptoms is to be as healthy as possible, and ward off stress.

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