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 I heard you can catch an STD from a public toilet seat. I think this is how I caught it.?

 How can you tell if someone has STDs?

 Not sure how this works?
Does HIV negative mean you don't have HIV at all or does it mean it can't turn into AIDS?...

 I think I found the cure for aids?
Okay for years I have been mixing aot of herbs, and testing them on aids patients.

I tested on of my female patients and she tested negtive after applying her the herbs one month before.<...

 My boyfriend told me last night that he has herpes. I've never had an outbreak. Did I give it to him?
We were together for about a year and a half and broke up in October. We were apart for about six months and during that time I dated someone else and had a couple of one night stands. I'm not ...

 Is there a cure for nyphomania?????
i'm loseing all my money on my neighbors' daughter and wife i need help...........
Additional Details
got it from my ...

 Would everyone come across Gental Hurpes?
How common is it?
will everyone get the systoms at one point in their life?...

 HPV. are there different types? what are they? which is worse?

Additional Details
what are the types 16 etc? do they have names or are they named like that?...

 How do you know you have chlamydia if you dont have any symptoms?
A friend of mine said she had and her doctor said i could be the carrier but i dont have any symptoms and its been 4 or 5 months but i havent been with her in 6...

 How much sleep is necessary to do a full day of work?

 Is a PAPSMERE test able to detect STD's?

 Cold sores are herpes or not?
Some ppl are saying it is a type, form or strain of herpes but it ISN'T the kind i'm thinking of.

When I read about cold sores, it says it's HERPES.
So what is it ...

 Does it sound like i have aids?
All i've ever done was kiss me ex bf about 3 months ago.


-Stuff nose/Runny

-Constipation (little bit)


-Sore/dry throat<...

 Are cold sores a sign of Herpes?
See i just got one cold sore.. like ages ago... now everyone is saying that when you have a cold sore you have Herpes. But mine went away so i'm ...

 Is a person at risk if they live with someone who has AIDS?

Additional Details
I know someone who is living with someone who has AIDS, but they do not know the person has AIDs....

 What is the severity of oral herpes?
my friend has either a cold sore or herpes type 1? I want to know what you think she should do?
Additional Details
I know she refuses ...

 Why dont men get tested for HPV? They are the ones carrying it!?
Women are the ones that require HPV testing, no? But men, are often found to pass this virus along because they rarely get symptoms and they dont get pap smears, so they will never know either way. ...

 Can you get herpes from sharing drinks?
I went to a party about 4-5 days ago. I was pretty wasted and I kept dranking. I took like 2 random cups i found on the table and I filled it up with beer and kept drinking. I had a small cut in my ...

 I am having some pre surgery blood work done for surgery on my nose. if i have hiv or aids will it show that?
i dont think i have hiv or aids but i havent always been safe.i am scared my pre surgery bllod tests will reveal i am positive and i dont want to know. will the tests show up i am positive or have ...

 What do you think the cure of aids is?

Is Herpes worth it?
if you could marry the IDEAL man/woman like they are gorgeous they have a great personality really rich and couldn't be more perfect except for one thing- they have herpes- now your going to spend the rest of your life with this person but you will inevitably get herpes at some point and your out breaks would be painful and frequent

would it be worth it
Additional Details
Thanks a ton guys for your answers! Your answers have really helped me make a very important decision that will truly impact my life profoundly. Such quick response too! I guess I'm not the only one facing this super important issue.

Good question.. lol Nope..

are u out of ur rabbit *** mind. one you get it its impossible tyo get rid of it. its worth getting treated

heck no

PlNk pEaRlS
I don't think someone being rich and handsome is a smart reason to get married whether or not herpes is involved.

Kim J
well im with the same person that gave me hpv and i have been with them for 3yrs.. I mean why not, do you have it?? Might as well, yall both have it.. I want my bf to marry me..

who knows if it will work out with them and then there are condoms and ways around not giving your partner herpes so yea and no

of course it would buddy, you said it yoursefl ideal women/man great personality.

May J
yes, love conquers all

If you're going to marry them and they're THAT perfect then I think its worth it

i think it would be. But there are ways that you can avoid it, and if you do get it there are treatments to lessen the effects. If you find your true love dont pass it up!

Thats really thouph. But if that person means the world to you, and you would sacrifice everything for them, then you'd have to find a way to look past that. It won't be easy but you obviously care about this person if your thinking of getting married. So i would say yes, it's worth it.

There is a medication she or he can take when there is an outbreak, So yes its worth it

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