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 Am I at risk for a STD?
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 If one is tested for HIV and it's negative after 7 months, does that mean that everything is fine?

If neither you nor your partner have an STD can you still get one?

all it takes is for the virus to enter your bloodstream. if you come in contact with contaminated blood and have a open wound, you can get something. If you want to reduce the chances of that don't work at a hospital or other place where it may have the opportunity to get ya.


Coady S


well the male could have hpv and he wouldn't know it because it has no effect on guys. best bet is to get a blood test if u truly want to know

♥ChUlitA♥t£ aMo n£n£
its possible. if you have a cut & you touch infected blood or if you get blood transfusion from someone who is infected


Stinky Pikachu
As long as your both faithful to one another a didn't get anything from previous partners your safe.

josh w
No as long as you uhh...stay faithful but there are other ways like using public restrooms be careful of those and other precautions and ur safe that i know of.

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