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 Who was the dumbass who slept with a monkey and started aids???
i dont know if thats how it started, but if so that person is an idiot!...

 What is the origin of the AIDS virus?

 Can you get herpies from kissing?

 My spouse came home with an STD, but swears he has never been unfaithful, should i believe him?
he never told me about them. I discovered them myself. I have since been checked and am ok. no sign of any disease. he was put on Aldara cream. He swears he has not been unfaithful, but we have ...

 When you use a public toilet - do you sit right down?
Just tell me what you do? Are you a preparer and hang paper before sitting? You wash the car? I just sit right down, and have been doing that for years. I have never caught anything....

 How likely is it to get an STD from a toilet seat? And which ones?

 Herpes Exposure? (This may sound stupid..but I'd appreciate it)?
I just found out a new guy I'm seeing had a one night stand with a girl a few months ago who has herpes. He found out and got checked out and didn't have herpes.. but is this enough to ...

 I never told GF about my herpes?
I have had a few GF and i always say i got it from them. They all bought it :-) but when i told my latest GF (present) she said no way, she was a virgin when i met her. Is there any other way to get ...

 If i have oral herpes, what are the odds that i did NOT give it to my boyfriend?
i wasn't sure i was having an outbreak.. it's so hard to tell at first. we kissed and shared a cigarette. and the next day i got a very tiny outbreak. im just wondering, is it possible that ...

 Which birth control methods also protects you from STDs?
please be specific, and give examples if needed =)...

 Can herpes be contracted even if there is no visible out break?
I don't have herpes, by the way. It's juat that I could never really get a straight answer to this question....

 I have a friend with HIV...?
I have a beautiful friend who is now fighting to stay clean, and is also infected with HIV should I continue to stick by her?...

 Is anyone practicing celibacy?
I am 6 weeks pregnant. The man that I am pregnant by is acting stupid (so he is trying to convience me to get rid of the baby - which I disagree with) - however, I may have to practice celibacy ...

 Should i tell my partner about my yeast infection?
i think i have a yeast infection; should i tell my boyfriend about it? or should i just keep quiet about it? i cant tell if he would be weirded out or grossed ...

 HIV showing up after 2 or 3 years
About 2 or 3 years ago I may have slept with somone that was infected by Hiv. It was a one night stand deal. I have had two home access hiv tests in the past six months and both have come up ...

 Is there a chance that I could catch a disease?
"Is there a chance that I could catch a disease by lic king a girl's lower part?..."
Additional Details
Then what should I do????? pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 How do u tell ur boyfriend he needs to get checked for STDS?

 Can you get Chlymidia from kissing someone that is infected with chlymidia?

 I was sharing a cigarette and a drink with a girl who has AIDS. is there a chance i could get infected?

 Hiv/aids virus questions openn.?
so i was watching the 1995 movie kids. and i thought it was really worth watching and it shows how much the hiv virus is such a danger. and im wondering since most people say the hiv virus started in ...

I know a person who is spreading herpes and warts should i call a local health department and report it?

I knew Dana was passing something around....


YES!!!! Spreading Herpes should be considered a act of terrorism.

Tater Salad
Yes. He's a public nuisence and a health threat. If you know for certain he's doing so malitously then there could even possibly be criminal charges filed against him for public endangerment.

Truth is a complete defense to slander.


NO, there are enough people in the world in someone else's business. Why don't you worry about yourself and your faults before condemning someone else. Are you perfect? I think NOT.

Have you talked to the person yet? What is in the person's mind? Is the person willing to use protection to prevent further spread? If they are doing it maliciously, then yes you should probably report it. If they are just ignorant, you should speak with them and try and educate...

yes, and the police... and tell some of your thug buddies to beat the **** out of them for some street justice

HSV and HPV are not mandatory reportable mainly because most of us are carriers!

definitely. please

yes! there's no cure for herpes. you have to stop that person from spreding the deadly disease.

For the love of God!! Please do.

Someone please edit their answer and tell me what can be done about this. I didn't know the health department could do anything. I know a girl who does the same thing. Can the health department really do much about it?? Even though it endangeres others health, isn't there a privacy issue??

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