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I kissed someone now i have bumps in my mouth what can it be? i even have one obove my lip!!Q?

Cold sores...AKA herpes

Sounds like he gave u a gift that keeps on giving! Poor thing. Please get a medical diagnosis.Once u have been told it is Herpes. PLEASE tell EVERYONE u r with. U don't want 2 b the "gift giver". Now u'll remember him 4ever in THAT way...u probably want 2 b remembered 4 ur great smile or something- Not cuz u were the 1 that gave them Herpes!
If u don't have health care try ur local Planned Parenthood, usually a lil cheaper.
Hopefully it IS nothing...but maybe this scare can b a lesson 2 u and ur buds. Learn from it,girl!


most likely herpes!

Herpes my friend!
Or maybe some kind of divine punishment for you pecaminous actions!! hahahaha! Dont worry! go to your doctor, get a prescription and keep kissing (well after you've recovered from this ailment)

suresh k
Hi there !

It could be anything..
dont take risk...
contact your Dermatologist NOW..

best wishes..

Rainbow Brite
I say it's Herpes!!
Good Luck.

Do you have food allegies? Could be a reaction to something they ate. Check with a doctor.


Sal G
Sounds like Herpes. Once you get it you can't get rid of it. Medicine will only help to limit the outbreaks.
-Don't worry, many people are even born with the condition and get random outbreaks.

now you have herpes.....ya best get to the doctor quick

mother of 7!
it could be herpes. If i was you, id go to the doctor and see what is going on.
don't take a chance.

Chrissy C
i could probally say it could be a cold sore nothing to worry yourself over..just make sure to go to the doctor and get checked out just to make sure ....

You need to go to see a doctor. It may be herpes, but I can't give you a diagnosis online.


::A'La Mode::
awwwww :( you kissed the wrong person.

are they bumps? or sores?
if they are open sores (or become so in the next day) the ones in your mouths are canker sores, not herpes, but the one above your lip, may in fact be the demon. coldsores are always hsv1. canker sores are not. coldsores will recur because there is no cure for herpes to date. that mug will last about 5-10 days, but there are lots of things you can do to make it go away faster, not forever though. hopefully as you get older your body will develop antibodies and you will have less frequent outbreaks.

for now, if i were you i might have a major beef with the person who gave me that incurable nuisance. I think that everytime you break out with a coldsore for the rest of your life you will think of that person :(

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