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 When you have a cervical smear would it detect an S.T.D if one was present?

 Why is it better to know if you have an STD?
I'd rather not know until something happens, otherwise I'd be worried about it....

 Herpes and pregnancy??????
I am mortified i just found out today i have herpes! not a happy camper but now i must deal with this. i plan on having another child in the near future... what are the chances of me spreading this ...

 Could This Be A Symptom Of Herpes?
I Was Wondering If Having Cold Hands Most Of The Time Could Be A Symptom Of Having Herpes- IF NOT WHAT COLD THIS MEAN???????????????? IF SOMEONE COULD PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE POST BACK- THANK YOU...

 I just accidentally took two 800 mg Ibuprohen. Should I be concerned?
My friend gave me something to help me with my headache and I misunderstood the directions. Suggest....

 Found out my boyfriend has HIV?
My boyfriend let me in on a little secret last night.
We were about to become intimate for the first time when he told me He has had HIV for 3 years....

I was horrified and wouldnt ...

 Hi i am considering being checked out for any sti/std at my local clinic.?
i am not sure if it is confidential does nayone know if it is completley confidential and only i would know about ...

 Can someone get HIV from receiving oral?
can I get HIV from receiving oral? There weren't any signs of bleeding from the person's mouth?...

 What is STD?
does std stand for smelly turtle diarreah? cuz thats what billy the noise picker said and he said his trutle has it. and his turtle always gots DIARREHEA
Additional Details
im only 9. ...

 Is HPV a STD?

 Cant u get an STD if all u have done is mastrobate?

 How can you get AIDS?
They often say that if you are gay. you have a high chance of getting AIDS or anything related to STDs. Why is that so?...

 Green thrush???
a friend of mine is v embarrassed to go to doctors,she is experiancin green thrush and is wet below all the time.what could it be?how do u solve it?no silly answers.T...

 What is the number 1 STD today?

 Could you ever forgive the person who gave you herpes?

 Can you catch AIDS from headphones?
If someone has AIDS and uses i-pod type headphones, the ones that go in your ears, and then someone else uses the same headphones after, can the second person catch AIDS from that? Also, if you put ...

 Is herpes dangerous?
I am doing a health project......

 How can we make preventing and curing HIV/AIDS a global priority?
so many people r suffering and ...

 Why do women find me so irresistible?

 My boyfriend has aids?
We found out a week ago. Should i stay with him even if he can't satisfy me?
i do love him, i am just not sure if i love him enough to stay and not cheat.
What should i do?...

I just got news my husband is HIV positive what do I do?
I love him and really don't want to leave,but how do I handle this

dude aids has practically been cured, just take a pill every day and you lead a perfectly normal life. Now cancer, THAT is a real disease!

tattoos*of * butterflies
why would you leave anyway, you probably have it too. Get counceling together and keep as healthy as possible. Don't leave. For better or worse right.

Get tested. Decide if you want to stay with him. If you love him then HIV won't keep you from him.

Probably best not to have children though. You could always adopt.

Brandon S
i also wanna know how he got it, drug use, cheating, ....

olivia .
you need to go get tested ASAP. then when you find out if you are or are no HIV positive then you and your husband should have a talk about what will happen in the future. if the outcome is that you are not HIV+ and you still want to be with him and you do stay together you should go to your doctor, explain to him the situation and then he should be able to give you some advice on what to do to keep you protected.

hope i could help! best wishes and good luck !

you need to test your self, than your children if you have any, and then you can go from there. if your + as well i don't think the choice would be as hard, but if your - you need to decide what is best for your whole family. If you love him, learn about the disease and how to keep yourself from getting it, and stay with your husband.

Get tested, you might be positive too. Just be there for him.

i am so sorry to hear this ,this is something lord knows you did not need.i agree with ever one get yourself tested,and please find a support group .

First, get yourself tested. You haven't provided enough info to answer this question beyond that.

Take a deep breathe and relax. First get yourself to a doctor and get yourself tested.I admire your courage in staying with him, just know that there is a long road ahead. You can call and talk to a doctor about the safe measures you and your husband can use so that you can protect yourself, and your kids, if any. I also recommend keeping a journal, starting a hobby, if you just sit and think you are just going to go crazy. Lastly if you indeed have HIV there are people who have lived long successful lives and support groups you can join. This is not a dead end, just take things one at a time..

-I wish you the best-

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