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jay c
I had routine blood work done, and my dr. said i had a elevted white blood cell count. what does this?
mean? i am not sick.can it be aids? my last aids test was during pregnancy, and was negative,....... i am married. so no new partners.

No if your white cell was low that could be something like aids. The aids virus attacks your white blood cells.An elevated white count could lead to arthritus. The white cells attack your joints. But in honesty you would need to ask your doctor about you specific condition

An infection of some kind in your body. Whit cell counts go up to combat a n infection. Didn't doc explain?

Don't stress and don't relate white cell count to AIDS. If you're concerned about AIDS get tested. My companion of 12 years had a normal white blood count in Sept. and died on Christmas Eve. The doctor was too stupid to do an HIV test, even with three indicators of a compromised immune system.

nurse moe
any kind of infection can cause this. keep in touch with the doctor.

You may just have a mild infection that your body is fighting.

An elevated white blood cell count is an indication of an infection. It could be something simple like a cold or it could mean something more serious. You should have it check out.

It just means that your body is trying to fight off an infection..I get UTIs (urinary tract infections) pretty frequently, and my white blood count becomes very elevated. It doesn't (necessarily) have any thing to do with an STD, don't worry!

Don't stress it. It could mean infection. Even when I get a sore throat my white blood cell count goes up. Your Dr. should have explained this to you. Call his office.

Relax sweetie. All this means is that you have some type of inflammatory process going on. It could be as simple as a cold. The Dr. will probably repeat the blood work at a later time. If it continues to be elevated or goes higher then he will probably order other tests.

White blood cells help fight infection in your body. An elevated white blood cell count could be related to infection, medications, stress or other problems. Your doctor may want to follow up for additional evaluation, but please don't get too worried because it might not be a big deal at all.

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