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what stds can you get from receving a b l o w job???...

see if you get chlamydia is it possible your partner will 100% get it he's being tested just now waiting on results.
is there a possiblity his may even still be negative and is it possible ...

i tested positive for chylamydia but my boyfriend didnt how did i catch it if i havent slept with any other person....

 Could this be HIV !?!?!?!?
I heard that muscle aches are a symptom of HIV...I had pain in my left side between the ribs and the armpit when I move or breathe...it only hurts when I do certain moves...does this qualify as a ...

 How long does it take for HIV to develop into AIDS?
dont tell me to take a test or anything, i dont have hiv. i just want to know the answer to this question!...

 Do you have herpes?
They say that at 50, 50% of that age group has it. Why does no one admit it if it's so prevalent?...

 Where did hiv/aids come from??
*When did it first start?

*What country did it hit the most?...

 How do you get an STD when you and your partner are both clean?

 3 mediums sized bumps on scrotum sack under skin?

 Can you be born with STDs if none of your parents had it?

 How do you tell a boyfriend/girlfriend that you have a STD?

 How long should someine wait before being tested for any STD's?
How many days before STD's really show up in your blood and or any other method of testing?...

 Someone that has experience this please!!?
this is whats going on with me, i have white spots on my back and through time they have grow and a being spreading around my back. Many people tell me different things but i really dont know what to ...

 If one has herpes what should one do and how should one tell their wife. Is there any herbs one can use?
I relly don't know how to begint to tell my wife I was dignose with herps what to do people....

 Ive tested positive for chlamidya how ca i tell my new bf?
ive been dating this man for 4 months and ive just found out om postive for chalmidya im 100% sure i didnt catch it off him i had 2 previous bfs who cheated on me i dnt know who gave it me im ...

 Can you have kids if you have HPV?

 I'm probably about to sleep with a girl in a few days and i've just found out she is on the pill - STIs?
I mean, how do i know that she doesn't have any diseases or whatnot? It seems rude to say 'go get yourself tested missy' or anything like that, so what do you reckon you should do? It ...

 Can you be born with an STD?
other than aids is there any other std you can be born with?...

 Cure for OCD?
Hello, I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and as far as i know there is currently no cure for this thing. Doctors say its caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain and serotonin is the ...

 Ok heres the whole story?
I thought i had it for sure!? chlamidia but the test was thursday 28th june and she told me if i havent heard from her in 10days or so..all is fine

i havent heard????

i thought ...

How long can you live with HIV/AIDS with out treatment?
About 5 years ago, my brother came to me and told me he was feelig weird...i looked up the symptoms and told him what it might be but he was too scared to go to the DR. and here he is 5 years later. Just curious. What do you think. If it was HIV..do you think he would still be here today?

when i was worried and taken the meds that they told me i must take to stay alive it was the worst year of my life also the sickest i have ever been.i was never sick until i took meds. When i decided to refuse meds my health improved now 6 years later my health is great and i still refuse the meds.........oh yea they dont know.

Wades S
personally one of my family members died form aids 10 years ago.she lived with for almost ten years.she was not taking care of herself,drinking and doing drugs.i don't believe she got any kind of treatment for it and she lived for almost a decade..I'm not a doctor or anything but i believe it depend on the person.your brother should just go to the doctors to put his mind at rest.

some people live up to ten years without symptoms or medication the only way to know if you are HIV positive is to take a test. people can tell you yes and no on here all day long and when its all done you still wont know without a test result. tell him to get tested.

Carl S
It all depends on his health, diet, natural immune system strength, age. Lots of variables. Further, many walk around apparently healthy with no or very low T-cell counts. Being scared to go to the doctor is a common reaction, but I feel one is better off having a trusted medical professional (allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic, whatever) than none at all. I've been (mostly) walking and jumping and hiking and swimming and working and playing around for 25 years HIV+, but have trusted medical professionals who have helped me at times I could not do it on my own.

Sometimes people live with HIV for years, sometimes even undetected.

Yes. He could (although he probably does not have HIV, and no one should go 5 years with a suspicion!).

The "Clinically Asymptomatic Stage" lasts 10 years on average. Perhaps nothing more than swollen glands.

An American diagnosed with the AIDS virus can expect to live for about 24 years on *average* ...
... a 2003 federal study concluded that only 55 percent of HIV patients who should have been on virus-fighting medications were actually getting them.

... HIV can lie dormant within a cell for many years, especially in resting (memory) CD4+ T4 lymphocytes.

Remember, 80% of what we worry about never happens. He should have gone and even now go to get a blood test. It is simple and quick. He has all to gain and nothing to lose.

Worrying for 5 years has just about destroyed his health anyway. Worry will kill a person. Get him to a doctor. Pops

some people can live over 40 years with HIV/AIDS if you take care of your self and do what the doctors tell ya to do..

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