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How long can a herpes outbreak last?
My husband gave me herpes about three months ago. I am still having my first outbreak: it never went away and it is showing no signs of slowing down. I had a bad reaction to valtrex and famvir (almost all the side effects) and so now I am on acyclovir -- two pills 5 times a day -- which I started today -- we'll see if the allergic reaction continues. I have also been taking L-Lysine and several other supplements and immunity boosters. I have read that most outbreaks -- even first ones -- last only a few weeks. Has anyone heard of an outbreak lasting more than three months? I am suffering with the flu symptoms and fatigue along with the itching and burning. I have no other auto-immune related illnesses. What can be done to help this go away?

get tasted for hiv also three weeks 3 months are sure is not siphilis?

john b
7-14 days.

this should last up to 14 days max for a first outbreak. mine lasted about 10-11 days. If you started acyclovir today keep on taking it as prescribed. I also used that medication. Did your dr also prescribe you Lidocaine HCL Jel 2%? The genetic name is Xylocaine. That is a numbing cream. What actually really kinda calmed me down was every 2-3 hrs I would wash my self w/ warm water with soap. In the beginning it is difficult when water touches it b/c it stings and burns soo badly. but once u r done washing you apply this cream and it makes you feel soooo much better. It numbs you down there. Yes you will have itching and burning. It will burn and sting when you go pee. It is the worst feeling. Keep on taking your medications as prescribed and drink lots and lots of water and eat veryyyyyy healthy such as lots of fruits, vegetables, drink juices, to keep your immune system going. If in 2 days you still feel like you have flue symptoms and fatigue call your dr that same day. the dr. needs to make sure everything is working for you. I wish you best of luck and sorry to hear that. The 1st outbreak is really bad but I've heard the outbreaks after (if you get it) aren't as bad. I havent gotten one ever since my 1st oubreak so I'm not quite sure. Oh, if you have any other symptoms make sure you call your dr.

Go back to your doc. Really, this seems like an awfully long time to be suffering.

a couple of days, but they are in you for life so every once in a while they will come back

Super Girl
It sounds like you might have something else. I have Herpes. I got it from my ex 4 years ago. When I had my first outbreak it was terrible and it went away in 5 days. I had my second outbreak a few weeks after and it went away in 2 days. I havent had a out break in 3 years.

It sounds like your immune system is low. Not to scare you but you might have HIV.

My first was about a month and a half....then I got Valtrex and it went away in about another 5 days.
It's really wierd. Everywhere you read says 10-14 days...it never mentions longer. It scares you.
Youll be fine though. Youll get through it.

You know, this sounds strangely familiar. My doctor (no longer my doctor) told me that I had herpes years ago. Gave me Acyclovir with 4 refills. I went through all the refills and it still wouldn't go away. It was horrible and I was so upset. Turns out.....I had a frickin YEAST INFECTION....NOT herpes. That was back in the days of Monostat being prescription only. Once I started using it, it cleared up in 4 days. Herpes, my &*@

Outbreaks can last for months. I have had one that that lasted for about 6 months and my sister had one that lasted longer than that.Don't let everyone scare you.

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