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How does a person dies from AIDS?

The person's immune system is in a very weakened state meaning the body can not fight off infections. In this weakened state a person does not have the white blood cells or antibodies to survive even the most mild of colds or flu. These types of things even bronchitis can kill someone with AIDS just as if they had contracted cancer or lung disease.The cold or flu is so overwhelming to the system it basically single handedly kills them becuz they can't get rid of it.

Many, many ways. Remember that a person with AIDS has a compromised immune system. That means that viral/bacterial illnesses can have a much more profound effect. For example, they might die of something that seems relatively harmless, like the flu.

No one dies from AIDS. They die from the complications of AIDS. It weakens your immune system so much that you are in danger of catching things like pneumonia and never recovering from them.

developing a secondary infection from the weakened immune system i think =) rember to wear a rubba biatch

Because your immune system is so weak that your body cannot fight off infection.

Miss Emm
Their immune system is compromised by the virus, and they can die from getting a cold. Either that, or organ failure.
Not a pretty sight.

Acquierd Immuno Deficiency Syndroms (AIDS) does what it says. It attacks you immune system. Over time, it weakens the system even with medication. A lot of people dont actually die from AIDS> They die from the common flu or the common cold. But because their immune system is compromised, they dont have the antibodies to deal with it and the flu or the cold are what really kil them.

it decresses their amuin system and they die from being exposed to sickness all the time

Zeus comes down on his cloud and smites them with thunderbolts

the virus destroys your cells in each organ.
then the infected organ startedto loose its function.
Then it affects the surrounding organs as well...
bla bla lba bla....
Then die...

You don't really die from the AIDS you end up dying from one of the other host of plagues that come with it. Pneumonia, cancer, TB, it can get into your Brain and nervous system. It's very sad to see someone die from this.

they catch colds and viruses easily and then become weaker and weaker

They have slim to no immune system so a cold can kill them at advanced stages of aids. If aids victims never get colds or sicknesses, they stay alive.

Queen, no one has ever died of AIDS. What AIDS patients die of are the complications of AIDS. As matter of fact, technically speaking people don't die of disease or injury. They die from the results and complications of these things. Example: Gunshot wound to the chest. Patient dies from massive blood loss (caused by the gunshot wound).

You don't die of aids, you die of an ailment you contract because your immune system can no longer fight off infections.

Da Ben Dan
horribly...you really don't want to know.

Their immune system is very weak and they can catch other viruses and diseases that their body cannot fight off.

It isn't AIDS that kills someone- AIDS destoys the immune system, so the body can't fight off illness and infection, so it is normally the common cold, pnuemonia, or heart failure that results in death, not the AIDS itself.

You can't die from Aids. Aids is a disease that effects the body's immune system , which means the body can not combat certain illnesses, including infections and some cancers. People of Aids die of the infections and cancers not Aids it's self.

The opportunistic infections are what AIDS patients die from.

It shuts down your immune system so your body is unable to fight off diseases. That is why most people with AIDS actually die from pneumonia!

Because, your immune sysytem breaks down and u cant fight illness

Immune system shuts down on u and kills all the red cells and fills your body with white cells

AIDS is an abbreviation for an immunity deficiency syndrome. With aids, your lungs usually become infected to the point of pneumonia (fluid build up). The infection that causes the fluid can not be treated because your immune system is shot. The fluid builds up until you can no longer breathe. You drown and die. It is sad. And it is - for now - a hopeless disease.

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