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 I am a vergin but how do i know if i have AIDS OR HIV?

is it true you can catch an std by rubbing your eyes?????
not sure if this is true or not but someone has just told me and i dont NOT believe em, just find it a bit difficult to believe! haha!...

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 If you found out you had a std like chlamydia would you be afraid to tell me?
i think my ex girl had it and gave it to me. my girl now thinks i cheated on her, i never did. i do remember my ex having a smell she then went to the dr. i asked what the dr find and she said she ...

 What should i do??
i have been with my gf for 2 months and we just found out she has herpies... i know it was from her old bf and not me cuz i dont' have it (i was just tested too)... we are madly in love and i ...

 Men & thrush?
whats the best thing to use? not for me of course, for a mate just phoned me got it real bad, he went to the toilet pulled it back and it split a bit......

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 Herpes or thrush?
last nite, under my foreskn got very itchy, sore and red so i went to the doctors today and they said i have just caught herpes. My gf said she got checked before we met and i got checked in june and ...

 I have a herpes question?
my friend asked me today about herpes, i dont have any so i didnt know how to answer, she said she had a pimple looking thing inside her vigina, but it didnt look bloody or anything like that. is it ...

 Undetected hiv ?
I have read on here that someone can have hiv/aids for 10years and not know it.

Does this mean that after possible exposure and testing negative after 6 months to a year that you could ...

 How does someone know if they've got AIDS?
Can they feel it? What exactly does AIDS do to a person?...

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 What do u think about the hpv vaccine?
i am a female that fits the age category of 21and i am thinking if i should get the vaccine? i just got my pap smear back and i asked them to test me for hpv it came back negative, so it makes me ...

 Is there any topical cream you can buy at the pharmacy for herpes if you dont have a prescription?

Additional Details
or what else is there i can do to stop the outbreaks without having ...

 How do you find love if you have an STD?

 Is it really true that 80 percent of the population has hpv?
Does anyone out there have hpv?...

 Can i get hiv through blood test?
yesterday i went to a lab& tested for hiv,it is negative.Now i am fearing about the needle used for test.can i get hiv through needle?...

 Do i have aids?
if i where to get it in the but by someone that has aids

would i just just poop out the aids?...

How did Magic johnson get rid of his AIDS?!?
what the hell...

are you serious? do you think because hes majic johnson he can be cured? or magicly get rid of them :P ur dumb

he didnt get rid of it theres no cure whats so ever for aids. He just doesnt want everyone to know that hes dying

mike d
he didn't

He never had AIDS. He is however HIV positive. Always will be unless they find a cure.

he did not get rid of it. his t4 count went back to normal because of his medications. If he were to stop his meds his health would start to decline.

He never got rid of AIDS. His T4 cell count went back up due to the medications he is on to treat HIV. He DID however at one time say that he was cured but went back later and said he wasn't cured just that his T4 cell count was back up to a more normal count.

He didn't. He will always have the HIV virus. But with medication nowadays, he could easily live twenty or thirty years.

No, he did not get rid of AIDS. There is no cure for AIDS or for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Magic Johnson has been in several magazine ads for a medicine called Combivir. I think it has mislead people into thinking that he no longer has the virus, HIV.

When someone contracts HIV, their body goes through a stage, without medications, in which their T-cells (which are simply a type of white blood cell that helps the body to fight off infection, we all have T-cells) will decrease and their HIV viral load (the amount of HIV virus that is in the blood) will increase. Then that person will be placed on HAART (highly active anti-retroviral therapy) and the T-cells will increase as the viral load decreases (Combivir, the medication that Magic is on is one of the commonly used medications). When the viral load decreases, it usually goes down to a level that is undetectable.

With all that said, the person still has HIV, but doesn't have any detectable virus in their blood. It's still possible to spread the virus, and it's still possible that the virus will again become detectable in the body, hence the reason it's called a retrovirus. It changes and manipulates itself to use the medication in order to make itself stronger and to grow more rapidly.

If this hasn't happened to Magic Johnson, it will one day. No one knows when, not even his doctors. Remember, there is no cure for HIV.

I believe that the magazine ads are misleading the public about Magic. His viral load is undetectable, but he still has the virus in his body, and always will.

For more information, read the link below.

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