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 So im 16 nd i met this girl. ive kised her nd ive fingered her but today she told me that she's HIV+. now wat?

 How can i tell my boy friend i have gonnorhea?
i need help find out how i can tell him?...

 Can a father get custody of their child if they have a (gun) felony?
or what privileges do they lose or can lose?...

 Can you still get pregnant if you have an std?
this is kinda gross but i think my husband has an std and may have given it to me, i think. Can I still get pregnant if i have an std?...

 It burned when ever i peed?
back about two years a it started burning when i peed and it lasted for maybe bout 4 or 5 days i really dont remember and it went away on its own but now its on my mind and its bothering me on the ...

 To Those That Have Gotten Tested, Which Do You Prefer? Orasure or Blood Test?
Post your favored methods and why you prefer them.
Additional Details
I prefer Orasure because of the quickness of the test. I hate having to wait 3 weeks to see if I'll live or ...

 Legal question~~serious answers only PLEASE. Is there any record of a case where one partner has given the?
other partner a STD and has been sued (like defamation of character, slander, emotional distress or the like) , and the Petitioner won? If so, where would I find out about it? Thank you....

 My mom has aids how do i cope?

Additional Details
i have shorts ...

 I have pain below my stomach?

 What is STDs?

 I heard that you might not have HIV/AIDS but can be a carrier for the disease is this true?

 When you have an STD you have a treatment but no improvement,why is it like that is it just another ointment?

 Can you get HIV from using a 1 dollar bill to snort cocaine?
A girlfriend of mine was about to do a line and I pulled a 1 dollar bill and she refused to use it saying you can get HIV because the bill is circulated so much. She used a cut straw. Is this ...

 Will we ever see a cure for "AIDS" ?

 Can you catch something from a strip club?
Even if shes naked and you have clothes on? Is it possible?...

 Can u get std from using toys betwwen man and women in anus?

 Does herpes have a cure?

 How do you tell your partner you have an std?
I just found out i do have one. And I'm certain it's from him. I've known him a short time so i really don't want to mess things up...but i know i have to tell him. whats the ...

 What is the difference between aids and HIV?

 Do I have herpes?
I dunno....

How can i tell if a girl has herpes?

ur butiful but ill never b wit u
u cant neither ask her go to the doctors or use TROJAN MAN!!

Double 709
People with herpes don´t always exhibit symptoms so you can´t tell by looking at her. You can even contract it even though you use a condom.

wish I were
You can't, that's why you have to protect yourself! That's why it spreads so fast! Protect yourself, there is no cure for herpes!!!

It's unlikely you'd be able to tell just from looking at her unless she has a current sore (and even then, you might not be able to see it). Herpes can be transmitted even before an active sore has fully emerged, so you can't depend on visual cues to protect yourself. Wear a condom!! Or, better yet, get tested for STDs yourself and have your partner also get tested before you are intimate.

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