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Additional Details
I dont know why but for some reason people keep giving me them and I'm sick out going to clinics. So far I've had clymidia, gonnorhea, and now clymidia but ...

Does smooching can cause aids?

Absolutely not.

It's very unlikely for HIV to be transmitted via kissing. Treatments these days suppress the virus extremely well making chances of transmission low.

If they have a high viral load (not on treatment and/or have full-blown AIDs) the risk is increased.

No.......but, if you both contact blood of each other by any means ( depending on how hard smooching you indulge in ) , you are vulnerable to AIDS.

there is a small chance it can be passes by saliva

Sam D
no, does the person your smooching have aids?

does smooching can cause aids....

Yes. If the person you are smooching has aids and an open sore in their mouth, then you can contract the disease.

Atom74 - trollin' for cookie
There have been no cases of HIV transmission that way no.

Keel Over
No unless you both have open wounds on your mouth...or there is blood in the saliva you are swapping.

No, the AIDs virus is transmitted through blood and reproductive fluids only. Only if you BOTH have an open wound in your mouth or bleeding gums and were french kissing. The chances of it happening are extremely low.

As long as the person you are kissing does not have sores in and about the mouth you should be fine.

Only if both people have open sores in their mouths

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