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Does hpv and cervical cancer affect your ability to have kids?
i just found out i have hpv and there is a possibility that i could have cervical cancer and i wanted to know will i still be able to have kids.

I'm pretty sure you don't have cervical cancer now. The reason they do pap smears is to check for abnormal cells on the cervix. The ONLY reason to have abnormal cells on your cervix is from HPV. Your doctor will probably tell you that you have pre-cancerous cells on your cervix and if they are high or medium grade. You dr. will monitor your condition and probably make you come in for paps every 3 months to access if there are any changes. Just make sure you keep going back to the doctor. They may do a cervical biopsy but they are in no way going to remove your cervix now. If it did turn into cancer it would take about 5 years and by then they would've taken the cancer cells out, that's why its important to keep going. You should do some reading on HPV. They say that if you have at least 3 partners in your life you will aquire it. 80% of the population has had a strain some time in their life by age 50. There are many strains and some cause pre cancerous changes on your cervix while others cause gentital warts. Oh and it is a virus so your body has to fight it off and eventually it does.

Right ow the most important thing is your health not worried about if you can have kids...where's your morals.
I would be devastated...gee tizz what in the hell is wrong with people today. get your health back in order before you even think about having kids...Shush

I don't know about the cancer, but HPV alone does not limit your ability to have kids. Since some forms of HPV can cause cervial cancer, it is very important to get a pap every year to make sure your cervix is healthy.

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Depends how bad it is

Well HPV can cause cancer but most likley you do not have cancer. It is estamated that most women get a HPV infection at sometime in there life. If not cancer there will be no problem having children later on. If cancer the treatment or surgery would most likely wipe out having children.

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well if the cancer gets too bad they might have to remove your cervix and then you wouldnt be able to have kids
ask your doctor

hpv causes cervical cancer. so if you do not get regular pap smears and keep monitoring the status of your cervix, you could have problems with childbearing. the important thing here is that now that you know you have HPV, you need to make sure you are getting very regular pap smears so that you can make sure you dont have cervical cancer. the cancer is what will affect your child bearing ability, not the HPV itself.

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