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Can you get an STD if you or your partner has no traces of them?
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Does chlamydia go away with treatment?
am having my 2nd baby and just found out the i had chlamydia i have been with my husband for 3 years and never had it before, could the results be wrong?

Sounds as though some one has been fooling around?! You would know chlamydia because it causes you to have a nasty discharge with a foul odor. Your huband MUST be treated aswell.


your husband could have cheated and that could be the result but if you feel like you wanna retest then do it but yes it can be treated but to not pass it back and forth ur partner needs to be treated as well.

they are usually not wrong...and if you are faithful than your husband is a no good cheater...the chlamydia can be treated with meds but your bigger problem right now would be your hubby...he needs to be treated to....

nadiuska b
Your husband is cheating.

it can be treated for you and the baby and your husband too so you dont keep passing it back to each other.

It's unlikely that the results are long. If you've never been tested for it before, though, you could've had it a long time (before marriage). I'd think they would've tested you when you had your first child, though. If you were negative then, and you're positive now, you may want to have a serious discussion with your husband.

There is easy treatment for chlamydia -- it just requires a course of antibiotics. It will completely eradicate it from your system. So, don't worry about that part!

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