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Georgina n
Do your eyes turn yellow from hiv?

No..but people that are H.I.V. positive have often engaged in risky behavior that not only gave them the H.I.V. but hepatitis as well. Most people I've met when I worked in healthcare that were hiv positive had hepatitis too.

Valley R
No, I don't have HIV

jesse m

Yes, due to the build up of bilirubin.

No, of course not!

If you have HIV there will not be obvious symptoms such as this - it is very hard to tell if you have it and mainly stays oblivious to our eyes.

but they definitely do not turn yellow :)

T Leeves
If the major organs are beginning to fail due to HIV, yes, they could turn yellow.

no, but they do from hep A

hiv wouldn't turn eyes yellow, but the liver shutting down would!

it think its hep that does that...its caused from the liver (jaundice)

11:11 AM
Yellow eyes means liver failure. When your red blood cells die, there are two organs in your body that takes care of this, the one is the spleen and the other is the liver. The red blood cells are what carry oxygen to all areas of the body. They do this by the iron that is on the red blood cells known as "heme".

When the red blood cells die, the liver and spleen
take the heme and converts it to bilirubin. Bilirubin is
a greenish yellow in color. At first the bilirubin is not
soluble in fluid, but the liver takes it and makes it into
a soluble form, which the bilirubin is them able to
combine with other substances to form bile which flows
from the liver to the intestines through tube like structures
known as ducts. This bile helps us to digest the fats we
eat. Bilirubin is always in our blood. If you every bruised
yourself, you may notice that it turned a yellow and then
black and blue...this is bilirubin. Bilirubin is also what
gives stools their brownish color.

When the liver is damaged, the functions of changing this
bilirubin from a non soluble form to a soluble form doesn't
happen and the bilirubin either stays in the blood or
is released back into the blood. Because of it coloring,
it goes to areas like the whites of the eyes, mucous
membranes and the skin area and make them appear
yellow to an orange color.

Your liver could shut down as a result of an HIV infection, which would cause the yellow eyes. If your liver was in failure you would also be jaundice, which is a yellowish discoloration of the skin as a result of liver failure.

David W
could, but mostly a liver dissorder,

No, the only time that your eyes turn yellow is when you are jaundiced from Liver Failure or Hepatitis. You need to see a doctor ASAP

If you reyes are yallow you need to see a Dr. Sign of something wrong with your liver. Could be minor but still needs to be checked out. Not sure about the hiv. Good luck.

usually that is a liver problem, but I am not sure about HIV. Either way, get checked out ASAP



No but they can from Hepatitis.

Claire P

van kedileri
jaundice indicates hepatitis

Mark D
Not sure, but if thats not it, you may have Jaundice.

NO But if you are HIV positive(or full blown AIDS),you better see your doctor fast, as it could be Hepatitis and/or jaundice!

if ur on meth they do

No way

Jack P



no, your jaundice, see a DR

Candi D
I don't know but I know they do if your real heavy on drugs for a long time or an alcholic

no but hepatitis they do

effin drunk
No, but they can from Hepatitis.

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