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 Hpv Question?
Their are 60 different types of hpv right? so If you have hpv (low risk) And you sleep with someone who also has hpv but has (high risk) can you get it? can you also get high risk hpv?...

 Please help with hpv question.?
My friend was diagnosted with HPV in November 05, she has never had any lesions and went for her pap smear 2 mos ago and it came back normal. The doctor told her that they would automatically test ...

 Can individuals get herpes from smoking weed with one another?
you know, when they "pass the bowl" to the left, or even a ...

 Only doctors please?
if a person had H.P.V can they conceve a ...

 I have a yeast infection and im only 15 what do i do? i don't want to tell my mom?

 What should i do i think i have AIDS.?
ok so i was at this party riiight? and we were playing truth or dare and one of them was to drink someones period.. so i did and now i dont feel good and i think they might of had AIDS should i be ...

 If you have chlamydia and you get treated can it come it back?
if you had chlamydia got treated didn't sleep with anyone who had it could it come back by itself....

 How long does it really take for me to see symptoms of HIV infection from the time of contact with HIV+ guy?

 Hepatitus c what are the syptums?
I was told yrsterday that an ole rebound partner had hepatits c at the time i was with him.this was about 18/19years ago. I am having bloods on monday but am verey cinsered.I am in a long turm ...

 I wanna get tested but I'm only 13....?
Uhh. What do I do?...

well, my friend has herpes and i think she was having an oubreak cuz she had a coldsore in her lip. && well we went swimming and she borrowed my p.e. shorts to go swimming in. If i wore those ...

 How long does it take to die from herpes?
My friend has Herpes...well she is not my friend at all and I want to know just how long it is going to be before she dies so I can plan for a big party!!...

 How do i get rid of this?!?
Ok so i think i may have oral herpes....
If so how can i get rid of them? On the other hand it culd be jst a fever blister...... HELP PLEASE!!!...

 Question about HIV test Result?

I did an HIV test today and the result came back negative. I am very worried though because the S/Co value came as 0.66. Usually, any value below 1 is considered negative. But this ...

 Where can I get tested?
Where can I get tested for STD's????...

 Is it normal to have white-ish bumps on your inner labia?

 Can you get an STD if its your first time doing it and your partners first time doing it to?

 The girl who sits behind me in trigonometry bit my ear. Will I get AIDS?
She bit my ear, and I was all, "What the hell?"
And she was all, "You want it."
Then I was like, "I'm straight as a ruler, babe."
Will I get AIDS or ...

 Can you get hiv from a french kiss?

 Why does someone keep getting yeast infections over and over?

Do you need to be touched?
I sure do.

Why is this in the STD category? Yes, we all need to be touched.

you need to be slapped

aria 11
All living being need to be touched, I believe, including animals and plants !?!

absolutely! ....in all the right places!!

dust s
only on special occassions well what do you mean by tht?

Dakota Manning
Yes. We all do. No matter how much I tell myself that I enjoy my independence and the single life, I need to be touched and to be held by another. It's as vital as air in making us whole and healthy. See me, feel me. Touch me, heal me.

ta ta ta ta ta touch me... I wanna be dirty. Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me, creature of the night!

sometimes..but not by michael jackson!

I need to be touched!

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