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Do I have oral herpes on my tongue? (picture link included)?
A day ago I got this bump on my tongue. It doesn't look like much in the mirror - just a little white dot. Doesn't even stick out much. But it's quite painful, especially when I eat.

I've gotten bumps on my tongue before but I think they usually go away within a day or so. I've had this one now for two days and it hasn't gone away yet.

Is it possible that this could be oral herpes (I did some reading on the internet and the symptoms sound similar).

I'm including a link to a couple pictures I took of my tongue (don't worry...nothing too gross) so that you can look at it and help me assess what it is.


I dont think its herpes, i think its just from poor dental hygiene, ive had similar bumps in my mouth but under my toungue, turned out to just be like i said, poor dental hygiene. Either that or eating something your allergic too but dont know it.

Even though it looks like nothing i would still go to a doctor and get it checked out.. Plus it will put your mind at ease

its just a cold sore, therye annoying, but go away..dont worry abou tit

It looks like you bit your tongue and irritated a taste bud. The taste bud could also get infected. If your taste bud was bitten it can burn like a...bit*h. You can bight your tongue when your asleep and may not even realize you did. I wouldnt worry about it unless it doesnt go away or it goes away and then comes back. Give it a couple days and see what happens. Most likely you bit your tongue.

There is really no way of knowing until you go to the doctor, but its something you should consider doing ASAP so you can control the outbreak if you do have it

int med rn
just some inflammed taste buds. Try washing your mouth with salt water 1-2 times a day. If it gets worse, see an md.

It could be, but the picture still make it hard to tell. Herpes tends to be more than just a "bump," though; it's usually a blister and not always painful.

Kayla G
oh dont worry i think all it is ,is how yor gettin a new taste bud.trust me i have had them..it will go away.i thought it wus sumthing serious too.but cme to find out just gettin a new taste bud.sometimes it takes longer then other to go away.it should be gone within another day or two

It could very well be herpes.Your tongue has a lot of nerves and herpes is a disease of the nervous system.Drink a lot of green tea.The stronger the better.You won't find any references about it on line.But try it anyway.Also it would be a good idea to pick up a bottle of Perio Wash at your local health food store.My son had the same problem and started on the green tea and he hasn't had any problems since.You have nothing to lose by trying this.They sell green tea in every large grocery store.Another mouthwash you should try is myrrh.It'll help kill the problem with your tongue.How is your throat?Gargle with the perio wash and myrrh mouthwash several times a day and drink a lot of strong green tea.

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