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 Can you get herpes from kissing sombody?

 What are the chances of recurence of gonorrhea after having antibiotics?
is ther any chance of reccurance of symptoms or still having the infection inside after taking medicine for gonorrhea.....

 Would a blood test show if you got an STD?
Does anyone know?...

 Can I get herpes from sharing clothing w/ someone that has it?
someone very close to me has herpes and she tried on pair of my shorts. If i wash them, will it be okay for me to wear them with out being exposed to it....

 HIV test results......?
ok I took an HIV test about a week ago and the results aren't in yet. Should I be worried??? It was a blood test taken at a clinic....

 Is it possible to get HIV or another STD this way?
A month ago, while at the clinic, I was using the restroom when the toilet paper I was about to use fell into the clinic trashcan. I actually dropped it in twice, accidentally. Anyway, I didn't ...

 Can a man with hiv be able to ve children?
is it possile for a man who ve hiv to be able to ve children without infecting his wife with the hiv....

 Can you get HIV virus if you share a cigarette with someone who has aids?
I was sharing a cigarette with a really nice girl that i've met a month ago. Today, she went to a hospital and they tested her for STD's. She tested HIV positive and AIDS has already ...

 How can you the difference between a zit near your area and an STD?
it had pus.
Additional Details
I popped ...

 Is my doctor right or wrong?
My doctor says I should not be concerned about catching any diseases from making out with someone on two seperate occasions. Do you agree or disagree and why?...

 There is a cure for Cancer and Aids !!!?
I know alot of you will say this is crap but do the research yourself. Don't wait for mainstream media to tell you about anything important. Look at the work of Dr. Robert C. Beck and blood ...

 How can i not get any diseases when making out?

 Which country did Aids originated in?

 Can you get AIDS through kissing? or what can you get from kissing someone?

 What's the best lubricant to use right before giving a b/j other then your saliva?

 Random Question of the Day?
For example....

If you were an Exotic Dancer, and you aquired Herpes from the pole on the stage, and you were suffering from an outbreak. Could you file worker's compensation?...

 What are the earlieast systoms of HIV.?

 Why would someone lie about...?
my parents lied last year and told me that I might have aids!!!! Why would they lie about that?...

 How long is herpes contagious?
if you got herpes can u spread it for the rest of ur life?.. or does it go away eventually....

 I just recently found out that my friend goes around smelling women's washed underwear.will he get aids???
one of them might have aids...will he get aids too?
Additional Details
hmm...if the underwear is ntt washed and is stained? that makes a big diff yeah? and um...he's sort of...sick ...

Could i sue someone for giving me a cold sore? incurable, highly contagious disease?
they must have known they had it
Additional Details
she didn't have any symptoms at the time i kissed her, then she told me afterwards she had oral herpes 5 years ago.......what do i do?

hmmm i dont think it can be proven where it came from .... and as all people have COLD SOREs it is impossible to say and yes petty just make sure you tell your next gf before kissing her lol....so you know she dont decide to sue you since you now know and all LOL what a dweeb

Mike Dub
u do kno cold sores r herpes on ur mouth rt? nasty, u cant sue her but u can slap the crap out of her.

only in the states

Um you probably could, but that's being really petty.

Maybe you have herpes and don't know it??????

See a Doctor and find out before pursuing any legal action otherwise you might be the one that ends up looking like a fool.

everyone (well about 95%) of the worlds population has epstein barre, which is relative to herpes...so my guess would be no, you couldn't sue.

How could you sue that person? What amount of money would you sue them for. Cold sores appear on infected people once in a great while. It's not like they constantly keep appearing on your face.

The judge would probably dismiss your case for being hairbrained and petty. What kind of damages would you expect to be awarded? A tube of Abreva?

cold sores are common, get over it

no that's crazy, any one can have a cold sore

How can you sue someone when you catch a cold sore? You may have contacted the sore but he or she may not have given it to you.. if you knew that someone has a cold sore, you should try to avoid that person

did they force you to kiss them?

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