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 I am gay, and had an orgy , i might have aids, how can i tell without getting tested?

 If you are tested for a specific STI will they check for all STI's??

 Anyone else here has HIV?
I'm Adi 18years old and HIV+...

 Hiv exist????????
dose hiv exist

my friend was tested positive in usa and he goes Australia and he was tested negative
he had 3 tests in usa and 3 in Australia

WTF is going on here , so ...

 Do you think the government has a cure for aids?
I think they might cause I think they also invented it? I believe that a cure has been in place for several years but is only available to those that are rich, famous, now famous, or considered to ...

 Does anyone know how AIDS actually came around and how recent is it?

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 My husbands cough is getting worse?
today its really bad. it stops for a while than it begins again. its 4 weeks now. can it be a sign of hiv? i tested negative for hiv but he didnt do the test cause i'm the one who cheated. pls ...

 My friend is 99.99999% positive?
that she has herpes (type1) and she doesn't know what to do and i'm not really sure how to help her out. any tips on what to do or how to tell her rents? serious answers only. thank ...

 Im free of chlmydia,is that mean im free of aids?

 Can hiv transmit through razor in a normal shaving?? (without any cut and bleeding)?

 What are aids and how do you get them?
my friend has aids.
and im not sure what they are.

 Do you get tested for STDs when your pregant?

 Are chlamydia and ghonnerhea test accurate?
Are the accurate. i have slept with someone who said they had std chlamydia. i went to the doctor and my test was negetive. are these test always acurate....

 I think I caught an STD from my friend's wife? You can cure crabs right?
She sleeps around on him....

 My m8 has serious crabs, so she says. wat 2 i say 2 her??

 Where do cold sores happen?
Where do cold sores occur?
Sometimes I get these tiny white blister like things in the inside of my mouth, like the gums. Are those cold sores?

I looked up on images "cold sore&...

 Which country it leads with big percentage of people having HIV?
Is there any possibility of getting medicine that cures[aids] this disease?And why most people migrate from African to European continent?...

 I am pregnant with baby #2, and diagnosed with chlamydia.?
Here is my situation.
I have been with my husband for seven years, last year when I was pregnant with my first baby Chlamydia showed negative. Now with my second baby it is positive. He swears ...

 Women help plez?
ok so i thought i had a yeast infection because i had one b4 n were having the same simtoms. So now i used monistat-3 and finished it last nyte. when i put on the external cream it burned the **** ...

Can you tell if you have any STDs by only taking a urinary test?
do you you have to have a blood test to tell?

no you can not tell if you have any STD's through a unary test

Most STDs can be checked via a urinary test. The woman who said they can't is misinformed. I get a urinary test and a blood test. The blood test is for HIV, while the urinary will detect most others. I get these tests at every physical and this was a practice recommended by my GP.

Anne K
Most STD's cannot be detected through a urinary test.
A blood test is required.

blood tests don't hurt

I think some common stds can be checked by urine, but I would question their accuracy. I think for a full check up you need blood, urine and a culture of your bits and pieces.

In God We Trust
You really should not play with something this serious. YOU are more important than this. See a doctor and get a physical so that a professional can tell you what's what. I am only thinking of your best welfare. Remember this, What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? - Romans 8:31. The Lord daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. - Psalm 68:19. Peace, Love and God Bless

You need to go to the doctor and ask specifically to be tested for stds.....some will show up like hepititits...but alot need a physicall exam or specific tests.

Depends on the STD.

urine test usually only tell if you have a urinary infection, diabetic, doing drugs ect. usually you can detect STD's by having your blood drawn or having a body fluid swabbed and cultured.

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