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Can you sue someone if they knowingly gave you an STD?
my ex gave me herpes and failed to tell me that she was infected until 3 months into the relationship.i'm on immunosuppressives(kidney transplants-2)and i can't take anything for it because it will interfere with my meds.i'm not sure if i want to follow that course(suing) but i'm curious as to what recourse i have.thank you for any help you may provide.
Additional Details
as far as proof,i have emails(i saved all of her emails.just a sentimental thing i guess.good thing i did) from her stating that she knew and apologized for doing it.we did use protection at first but after becoming "exclusive" i guess i felt we didn't need it.i also trusted her and thought that something THAT important would be brought to my attention WAY before the fact.i never had the option to leave or stay had i known from the very beginning,and yes,i would've used protection from the first to the last had i known initially.i got checked within 2 weeks of finding out and by then it was too late.

yes you can take their house away for that and put em in jail for a while

You will have to proove that it has severly effected you life giving you financial strain and hardship eg you can't do your job because of the infection or can't afford the cost of medication. And then you would still have to poove that she knew she had the std and knowingly infected you.
Personally I don't think it is worth the hassle. What do you plan to get out of sueing her anyway?

You can report them, and depending on the situation you should be able to take legal action. As far as i know if someone has aids and deos not tell their partner, they are commiting a crime and will be charged with attempted murder. I'm sure there is some similar criminal charge for the ****** who gave you herpes.

music is my life
well, it is your responsibility to protect yourself for the most part, but with something that serious, you could probably sue over that, but finding proof that the person did know about their STD would be somewhat hard....

yes,, talk to a lawyer .. if she did this to you she will do it to someone else.. and she may have... any idea of you she dated in the past.. check around and talk to all her other ex's..you all can get to together on this one.. that would show that she has a pattern..btw.. go over to law and ethics on yahoo and ask this question again.. i am sure a few laywers go on there and they can tell you better.. be sure to put the state you live in.. that may help.. never know one of them may be from your state..

yes you can...

if they knew they had STDs and never told you about it, then its their fault.

ESPECIALLY by not telling you, they put your life at risk.

Anyone can sue anyone for anything. They can always find a lawyer who will take the case. That doesn't mean they will win. The only cases I am aware of involving STDs that were won involved HIV when the person KNOWINGLY infected someone. One of the reasons is that AIDS is 100% fatal. Criminal charges can also be brought for this in some states. I am not so sure you would have a real chance with herpes. It is not fatal even though it isn't curable. However, as I said earlier, some lawyer will be willing to take your money & find out.

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