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Can you still get pregnant if you have an std?
this is kinda gross but i think my husband has an std and may have given it to me, i think. Can I still get pregnant if i have an std?

Zuzie Q
You need to raise your concern to your husband and seek doctor's help/treatment together. As you can still get pregnant while having std, you can also give it to your child. Some STDs also cause infertility.
If you get treated and your husband does not, you can get the STD again.

Jayden's Mommy!
Yes but you need to get treated right away.

But um, why does your husband all of a sudden have an STD????

Simon C
Yes you can

Yes, although some STD's can cause infertility in women over time. Seek treatment soon. this will also prevent infection of the baby.

Amy B
yes you can still get pregnant AND you may infect the baby

Jimmy Sn.
Yes, you can still get pregnant even if you have an STD. You should do everything you can to check on both conditions, as many STD's can seriously harm an unborn child if not treated immediately.


You'll definitely want to get it cured if it is a bacterial STD like chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Bacterial STDs can cause health problems like sterility for both men and women if not treated. Also, you can pass it to your baby during birth. Gonorrhea can cause blindness in newborns.

And, if you have a viral STD like herpes or HPV there is no cure. But, at least you can treat the symptoms of the STD and take certain precautions during childbirth so the baby is not born with either one of these STDs. Babies born with herpes can actually die from it! Luckily though, it is REALLY rare to be born with herpes or HPV.

Good luck!

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