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 Ive got little white lumps inside my varginia...what are these?
some one told me there are hair foliciles...is this true!!!...

 What might be the cause of viginal itching?

 My bro's wife was diagnosed with chlamydia she is pregnant and her husband was tested and was negative. how?
After blaming the chlamydia on her.He was tested for everything under the sun and was negative. They have been married for 9 years. This is tearing then apart. The saddest thing is i believe them ...

 Abstinence help?
What are some SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL benefits of and/or consequences of not being abstinence specifically?...

 What are the main signs of thrush? Whats the best cure?
think i may have thrush and im rather embarrised to tell anyone. i have heard that wearin thongs and tight jeans etc can cause it. Is this true? I wear thongs everyday.

thanx for your help....

 Can one contract HIV by mouth to mouth kissing?
Can one contract HIV by mouth to mouth kissing?

If one party OR both parties have a mouth ulcer, will mouth to mouth kissing make one infected with HIV?...


I only have 1 hour before i have to go... My girl best friend slept with a bloke an hr ago.. anal (really dont mean to be crude) with no contraception! we now both worried he might be ...

 The bottom of my stomach hurts badly when I urinate. My urine is also mixed with a little blood. Sign?

 If you knew for a fact that someone had AIDS or HepatitisC?
A relative that you dont get along with. and they were sleeping around with alot of random women, would you tell them? Or Let them find out the hard way?...

 Please help! I have this burning while Urinating!!!?
I thought it was a yeast infection but today is my last day.And I have no itching just red swelling burning! please help and could this be a STD? my husband and have been together for almost 5 years ...

 I've been told by the STD clinic to advise my former lovers that they should visit their GP asap...?
....but that would take way too long.

So, could any chaps between the ages of 14 and 90 who have lived within 300 miles of central London in the last 20 years please either see your doc or ...

 What kind of STDs can you get from rimming?
What kind of STDs can you get from rimming?
Like can you get HIV from it?
I know that theres spit involved, so can that transmit anything from person to person?...

 With herpes can me n my mother was clothes together????

 How do you get rid of AIDS?
Because i know Magic Johnson got rid of his, sooo do you have to be wealthy to get rid of it? I have it, sooo do i have do get rich to get rid of my aids?...

 Is this Discharge normal? :(?
Well there are days that I don't take a bath and I get discharge before and after my Mestration.
My discharge is like brownish like, and as I know, every woman has a different sign of a ...

 Can I get crabs if I do it with my dog?
It's a ...

 How would you react if your boyfriend told you that he has an STD?

 Chlymidia testing?
can you get atest at the chemist without going to the ...

 What are the chances of catching oral herpes from sharing a shot glass?
I took 2 or 3 shots with some one whom I now find out may have oral herpes. What are the chances that I may have contracted the virus?...

 I gave my bagel an std?
oh noez :(...

Can you get an std from eating a girl out?
can you get an std from eating a girl out.

Yes you can, you can get STDs of the throat.


Hannah H
yep you can

Yes herpes 1. Where you get it on your lips.

yep you just get it around the mouth.

Princess B
Of Course

Yes you can and it is also linked to head and neck cancers.

Ahem. Yes.

Yvonne B

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