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well it ...

Can you catch herpes from someone while they're not having an outbreak?

II ChrisA 03 II
according to commercials these days, you can.

yep. thats how I got it.

Ms. Le'Kia
Simply put, yes!!!! Even when the person isn't have an outbreak, they have something called viral shedding, which is when the virus can be passed to another person. Condoms don't cover everything, therefore they don't protect you from everything. Here's some more info.


The answer is YES

The actual probability of it variesbased on what stand of the virus the person has.

HSV1 - is less likely spread during periods of no outbreak, but spreads more easily during an outbreak

HSV2 - is more likely to spread during periods of no outbreak but requires direct private to private contact with the sores to catch

I agree with Shmancy.

Statistics show that there's a 2% chance of transmission without symptoms

People who believe in "asymptomatic shedding" (being contagious ALL THE TIME) disagree with me
I believe that the shedding is during the PRE-symptoms you feel - like cramping, tingling & itching that is detectable and easy to watch for

***EDIT*** don't get your education from a commercial - that is designed to sell Valtrex - which I don't use - it has very bad side effects that I could not handle

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