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 Should i tell my significant other i have herpes and how should i tell them??

 Is it possible to get tested for all STDs in 1 appointment to the gynecologist?
If so, would a blood sample suffice, or would a swab or skin sample be required?
Additional Details
So, when I call to make the appointment, do I just say that I'd like to be tested ...

 How do doctors test you for herpes?
Do they just look and diagnose or do you have to have a blood test or anything?...

 Can u die from lice?

 What are some slang terms for gonorrhea?
i am doing a health project that i need those terms for....

 Is it possible for you and your partner to transmit an STD even though neither of you have one?

 What is your message to the Nation on the International AIDS day?
To day, the First December is the International AIDS day. Presently the prevention and treatment of HIV-AIDS is the burning global topic that is being constantly discussed and given top priority ...

 Can men get a urinary tract infection?
My husband does not have an STD he has been having problems while urinating, he says,"that it burns while urinating". Is it possible for men to get a UTI? I had a bladder infection recently ...

 Cold sores (herpes ~ yuck)! What's the connection with stress?
OK .. if you ever had a cold sore... you know that you get them following a sunburn... but also when you are under a lot of stress... so are they co-incidental or are cold sores actually related to ...

 Why do girls shy away after I show them my sores?

 What kind of conndom can i use that will provide pleasure but wont get the girl pregnant?

 What is HIV/AIDS, and are they the same or different?
Can someone educate me on HIV/AIDS. What do they mean and are they any different or just the same?

Thanks for answering and have a nice day!...

 Should I get a 2nd Opinion? HPV?
I have a concern that has been bothering me. I am 29 years old and been seeing the same gynecologist for over 7 years. During my last pap visit she tested me for HPV and called me 6 weeks later to ...

 Can HIV or AIDS be transmitted by the puppy?
We have a 5 month old pup who still likes to teeth on people. If the puppy nips and draws a drop of blood from someone with HIV or AIDS, can the pup catch those viruses, then, transmit them by ...

 Can you sue someone if they knowingly gave you an STD?
my ex gave me herpes and failed to tell me that she was infected until 3 months into the relationship.i'm on immunosuppressives(kidney transplants-2)and i can't take anything for it because ...

 Can guys get yeast infections and if so what are symptoms?

 How many you'll have hiv don't be shy?

 How do I clear up Herpes Scars in Anus aera?

 How can you get HIV and what are the symptoms?
Can you get HIV from touching something than wacking off

Additional Details
Like an object,

I'm a cross trainer and never have shortness of breath I think i...

 Why isn't there a cure for gential herpes with all the technology and medicine out there?

Just DaT Boy we All Kn0
Can you catch anything if u eat a females lower area if u know what I mean (PuzsY)?
Me an my friends all wanna kno


padmanabhan s
While eating the puZsY, you catch the upper area also (the tidz). At least, that will stand you in good stead for your next assignment


All I know
Yes you can, any disease or infection that she can catch down there you can catch in the mouth....

sara e
Yes, you can always catch something from someone who has an STD, if she does not have an STD than you won't catch anything.

an STD

Mark B
Yes you can, you can get herpes, gonorrhoea (of the throat), and if you have cuts inside your mouth there is risk of HIV.
Also women can get thrush, yeast infections, and something called bacterial vaginosis - all of which are not pleasant.

sure can

Of course you can.

Mom of 2 great boys

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