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Can you catch aids by eating after someone who has it?

Ree J
ummm ... probably...

Hun No you can here is a fact sheet on how HIV Is spread and it is very informative read it and get your self informed

not if you cook the flesh well done,at least 160 degrees.

Sister Di
After eating what?

Probably not, unless you're talking about sharing a glass of bodily fluids.

I just made myself ill.

jennifer n
the only way u can catch is if they have a cut in there mouth and u kiss then but if your eatin from the same silver ware once the blood touches the air its dead its best not to kiss anyone with a sore i there mouth but then u can get it

It could happen.

It is not really healthy to eat after any one, aids or not. It isn't been really proven. Why take the risk??

No, as the virus dies in about three-five seconds when exposed to air.

Technically yes, it is possible through traces of saliva but unlikely.

bill j

It takes aproximately one gallon of saliva before you would have a serious chance of catching aids. Now if they have an open sore or cracked bleeding lips that is something else. Still the chances are low.

Of course not.

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