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 If you liked someone alot but then found out they had HIV, would you stay with them?

 If you're doing things with only one person, can you get stds?

 Can one know his or her HIV status without the regular tests?

 How long does it usually take for people with hiv to get symptoms ?

 Does Aids Exist, I have never met anyone who had it.?
It just seems weird that nobody seems to have it. And as immoral as this country is why isnt every one dead yet....

 Is it normal?
to have 4 std'...

 Can a std be treated with Urinary Tract Infection medicine?
Well I have had a what i think to be a urinary tract infections off and on fro the last 6 months. When i take the medicine for it they go away, but my mom thinks i have a std. would urinary tract ...

 When getting a Pap Smear do they check for HPV too?
I was reading that HPV is a STD, so when u get a pap smear do they check for HPV too?...

 I kissed a girl and about 24 hours the tip of my tongue started tingling and I got a sore throat, wht can it b

 My bf has a problem lets just say he has a nose bleed alot is it serious?

 Can a woman with HPV live a long time with the virus?? anybody over 70 with HPV???

 Can I get std or hiv from a stripper?
This stripper unzipped my zipper and grinded me with only my underwear between us. Can I get disease from that?...

 How can I pass a swab test for marajuana?

 If you had to do any of the following what would it be? O_o?
#1- run into a wall untill your unconsious then wake up and then swim in a pool of grape juice

#2- become a ninja just to be demoted to a janitor in ninja tech and then take over an ...

 I have an std??
UMM how i get cured??
Additional Details
i have aids and am wondering how i get ...

 Can I catch Herpes from sharing drinks with other people that have it?

 I think i have herpes so i asked my boyfriend if he has it?
he said he doesnt think so because he never has problems with any cold sore coming out or he doesnt feel anything, does that mean he doesnt have herpes? He also said hat he loves me alot....

 I've recurring tonsillitis. that's that mean i have HIV?

 What is an HIV/AIDs test like?
i have to do a field study review for my english class and i was suppose to go get tested for AIDS cause HIV/AIDS is my topic but time slipped away and i havent done it yet, so im just kinda gonna ...

 Spider bite, looks like herpes??? Help!?
Hi, I have a question here.

My uncle was sure he was bitten by a spider on his neck, he even said he slapped it off when it was biting him. He had muscle pain, vomiting, fever, and ...

Ted W
Can u get an std from eating a girl out?

Rosalie A

Andrew V
yep you can even get it in your mouth and around it. Anything that touchs the spot where she is infected you can.


Kit Kat
Yes If she has an std, you can very well get one.

Yes u can.

Just Wanna Kno

Oh yes you can, it will be in your mouth.

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