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Can u catch aids from kissing?
people say u cant but i dont understand how you can do a aids test with a sample of saliva but u cant catch it through passing it

From what ive heard nope you cant. Im not sure how they can test for it with saliva either. ill take your word on that one!

washing your mouth would be a reason

no- more so blood contact. unless you or they had a sore within their mouth.

yes, you can get HIV/AIDS from kissing if the infected person that you are kissing have a cut in their mouth.

No. AIDS does not pass thru saliva. Unless you have a cut or a sore on your mouth.

clint p
no unless ur getting blood in the kiss, also though those before are kind of right in actually no way possible of catching aids though salivia, but correctly u have to swallow large amounts of salivia like 25gallons and u can get an std at once a very small chance bc not that many ppl contract that match salivia through kissing so ur safe
a kind of no yes answer

its me
no it transfers through blood

New Richmond Hometown
no unless you have a cut inside your mouth you cannot contract aids through kissing. i have never heard of a saliva aids test either. that is not a very thorough way of testing for aids, i am a phlebotomist and i was always tested by blood for aids if i was ever accidentally stuck by a dirty needle or if a patient bled on me or any other kind of accidents like that in a hospital happened to me. an aids test should be a blood test though no a saliva. and aids cannot be contracted through kissing unless you have a cut in your mouth or on your gums.

I love mode!
It most unlikely unless that person has a open cut. But studies show that a large amount of saliva could produce an enough to infect but it is a disgusting amount and is very unlikely.

AIDS is transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids. Saliva is a bodily fluid. Do the math. It may be more difficult to catch it through the exchanging of saliva, but difficult isn't the same thing as impossible.

Edit: if saliva could kill the HIV virus, then they would be using saliva as a cure. Smarten up people. I've been around since AIDS first came on the scene years ago. I've personally known a number of doctors and nurses who deal with the disease. I've seen the slow emergence of information released to the public over the years under the pretense of not wanting to create a panic. Your wanting to believe there isn't any danger doesn't make the danger any less real.

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