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Can std's be spread by toilet seat?
Im in nursing school and they told us that its rare but possible, by the back splash of the water. But my doctor told me absolutely impossible???

I believe that I got an STD from a toilet seat. Unfortunately my wife contracted it from me though was relieved that it was only from a toilet seat. We got cleared up with some penicillin.

Katrina M
crab which is not really an std so no

It would be a very rare occurrence if it did ever happen.

Diane T
It's not the toilet seat that will spread the std's, it's you flushing the toilet. That hand contact after some else you have to be fearful of. I was told by the doctor to always use my foot to flush if it doesn't flush automatically. You should wash your hand for at least 15 seconds to clean them well. Then when I leave the restroom I don't open the door with a bare hand. I use the paper towel that I used to dry my hands.

Alex F
only crabs which is why u shouldnt use public bathrooms

The only way you can get STD by using a toilet is having someone else sit on top of you!!

Lovely locket
It's possible but a slim chance. I know crabs is possible to spread in public bathrooms.

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