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Like the germes and stuff, can it give you herpes, and its herpes a virus or bacteria?


 I think I have HIV?
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 Can you pass oral herpes without an out break?
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 Can transfer of saliva may result into AIDS?

 How to hide needle marks from illegal drug use?
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 My sister just found out she has 2 types of stds and we share pants can i get it too?
my sister has gonorrea std and another kind of std and we wear the same clothes alot if i wear the same pants after she dose can i get it too?...

Can someone get in trouble for NOT telling me they had an std???
I asked my ex many times if he had anything. He got tested and told me that the results were negative. Now I find out that he DID have a disease and just didn't tell me. Can he get in trouble for this? I was even pregnant when we messed around. So not only did he put me in danger,but also my daughter.

♡ M. Shadows ♡
If it is something like HPV then no, something more serious, yes.

you can ask a lawyer in your state but i dont think he can ...

by law he can be arrested for not teling you the truth this is law. my opion?

yes they can be arrested

I don't know but what a f^ckwad-what did the baby ever do to him...grrrr

Andrew F
Yes, he could go to jail 4 that....

Aids or Hepatitis B maybe. Since they can be deadly.

yes he can get in trouble

The only one I'm sure of is HIV because it is deadly. I'm assuming you mean some sort of bacterial STD which could cause a miscarriage. Did you contact the STD? If you did you need to speak with your OB and speak with a lawyer.

It depends upon the STD. If he had HIV and knew it, he can be prosecuted because passing it on to you is a death sentence for you.

If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas, don't you know that yet? Or are you still a "If it feels good, do it." person?

Yes they can. It can be pursued as a real case: he hid evidence from you...which is pretty much illegal.

its against the law if he KNEW he had it and still messed around with you. But how are you going to prove that he knew? what if when he was tested he WAS negative and got something AFTER that? best of luck to you.

Perils of Paulette
Try civil court

~life sucks~
Is the STD life threatening? Did you catch it? Can you prove it? Medical records are confidential and he may even say he never slept with you, unless the child is his and he openly acknowledges it's his child. Thats a tough one. Good luck and I hope nothing happened to your unborn child. Check with your OB right away and get a complete STD work up right now, and wait 6 months for an HIV test.

Well.. Yes if he knew... Like if I had AIDS and gave it to you on purpose then that would be considered attempted murder or something like that. I do remember one guy who had AIDS was tried and convicted because he gave the virus to different women!

all the more reason to use protection every time, condoms are not just to prevent pregnancy, in my opinion it is too bad you are so trusting of people..especially men..I mean come on. Men are almost all the same..good luck to you and your child.

Depends on the STD and whether he knew about. His assurance that he had been tested probably also counts as a misrepresentation.

You could consult an attorney if it is worth it to you,.

If he has hiv/aids yes he could.

that is an ethical problem. You don;t get prosecuted for that.
NOW somestates do hold someone who is HIV positive accountable.
Time to do some thinking about whether or not you want to be with someone who would do something like that to you.
You do need to follow up with your OB/GYN and make sure if you are currently pregnant what this could mean for your baby. Especially if it is unresolved when it is time for you to deliver.

No, unless it was HIV, you can't do anything about it. Even if it is HIV you will have a hard time in court proving he knew about it, he did it on purpose, etc....And it will be your time and money gone. Personally I think people who knowingly give someone else a disease should be shot, but you really have no legal recourse. Sorry.

i'm pretty sure he can....wreckless endangerment ~~~

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