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Jeanie E
Can an STD be spread without the carrier actually having the disease?

Melissa P
If one person does not have the std, then no they can not give it to you, and they would not be called a carrier. That would be like me saying, " Here's an apple for you!" and not having an apple to give you. That isn't a possibility.
BUT- There are MANY STDs that do not have outward symptoms, people can contract STDs through viral shedding, which can give uninfected person the disease. 70-75% of Americans have Herpes and/or HPV and do not know it, because the symptoms will not show up for a long time, even up to 20 years! If you think you have an STD, please contact a physician, because you want to know so that you do not give that to anyone else. Knowing is the best prevention. Please be safe! Get brochures from a dr. or look up some info if you have any symptoms on Webmd.com. it is a great source for answers!

Lisa G
I was the carrier of a type of an unknown Urinary Tract Infection but I never had the disease. Only took a weeks course of antibiotics to get rid of. So in this case yes it can happen but other more harmful/known about STD's I wouldn't think it could happen.

One has to have the virus in order to spread it. But in some people the virus doesn't infect in full. These people can because carriers-they do not show any visible effects or infections but carry it in their blood and can spread it to others.

If what you mean is can a person spread a disease without having the symptoms of the disease then the answer is YES! A person can be infected but not know it and spread the disease to anyone.

Yes. It can. It works like any other virus or disease. Somone can be a carrier for the illness and not have a full blown attack. And all it takes is a little bit of skin to skin contact.

No. For it to be passed between two people, one needs to have it. Now it is true that the carrier can display no symptoms and not know they have it, but someone has to have it. How else would you get it?

HPV is carried by men and spread to women. Men have no symptoms or consequences of HPV but, for women, it creates abnormal pap smears and can lead to cancer and infertility.

A carrier DOES HAVE THE DISEASE it doesnt affect him/her as it does for others.

If you don't have the disease, how can you possibly pass it on to someone else?

However, it IS possible to not have awareness of the disease, or even symptoms of the disease. Some STD's do not present any obvious visual or physical symptoms, especially in the early stages.

Also, some STD's have periods of remission, followed by episodes of flare-ups. For example, herpes - there are no cures for herpes, so if you have it, you have it for life. However, with treatment, the symptoms can be eliminated for extended periods of time, and it would look and feel like nothing was wrong. But eventually, an outbreak of the symptoms will likely happen again, and would need to be treated again. Treated, but not cured.

So to spread the disease, you must have the disease, even though you may not see physical evidence that you do.

Hope this helps

i would say no

If you do not have an STD, you cannot transmit an STD. If the person you are sleeping with does not have an STD, you cannot contract one.

Nurse Annie
If one person does not have an STD, then there is no way it can be spread to someone else. One person has to have it in order to give it to someone else- STDs do not occur out of the blue.

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