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 What's the best lubricant to use right before giving a b/j other then your saliva?

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one of them might have aids...will he get aids too?
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I had two high risk encounters within 25 days of each other (5/4/04 & 5/29/04) with the same person and I tested for HIV on August 10th (to cover the first encounter & I tested 73 days after ...

 Can someone help me with my problem in a hurry?
I want to lose weight because im afraid of having a heart attack and it will be good for wrestling.But my family loves to eat , and , its like im drawn in to it. I cant ride my bike because someone ...

 If you find out you have an have an std is it best to let previous partners know?
even if your worried they may flip out or tell other people....

 I have a partner who used to shoot up is there a possiblity that i can have aids?
i slept with my partner so many times now i have sharp pelvic pain.And hes been sick lately he says hes been throwing up....

Can I get herpes from sharing clothing w/ someone that has it?
someone very close to me has herpes and she tried on pair of my shorts. If i wash them, will it be okay for me to wear them with out being exposed to it.

Queenie knows it all.
no, no, no.

Yes. Herpes VIRUS is highly contagious. You shouldn't share your own personal stuffs with her.NO..NO..

If i were you, after reading this, i would throw away the shorts,or just give it away to her.

Elizabeth P
No inless they have a outbreak, but trichomoniasis is possible

Child Please Im for real ok
all i know is you can get it when using a condom on Oprah's show they said 80% of wemon have been exsposed to hpv they are just able to fight it off.(hpv vacine about making it manditory for 12 year olds in texas (show) ) i got 2 family members who have hpv

wash them and worry less.

no name
yes you,ll be ok

NO just like how people said you can get AIDS from a Dirrty toilet seat my friend thought she got herps from her sister borrowing her panties but i proved that you cant meaning she got it from her BF so just wash them anyway cause i wouldn't wear clothes someone else wore before me gross

Yes! The virus dies very quickly once out of the body! You can't catch it from sharing towels either. They will be safe to wear don't worry =)

***** ***

Mortuus Vita Burke
.... If you have an open wound and they have their blood on their clothes and you put their blood on your open wound then MAYBE......

I really don't think you will get herpes from wearing sumone else's clothing.

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