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Bad: the bad i see in it ...

Can I get AIDS through sharing a cigarette? If the the infected person's blood was on the cigarette?

cracked monkey
well regardless of some of the really dumb answers you got here, HIV is not transmited through saliva and it takes a copiuos amount of blood to pass directly in to the body for transmission to take place. HIV is a very hard disease to become infected with and if people use common sense more often they could limit there risk greatly. It is more likely that you would get lung cancer from the cigarette smoking than to become infected with any other deadly disease. Just watch out for those with the flu.

Its a Virus.. unlike bact'ria theyy survive better

Mostly Not.
Since the body fluids especially bloodstream is the only way for infection to sustain, hardly a chance that holding a ciggy between ones lips could be that big a risk.

Yet, no harm done if you want to go in for tests.
Stop worrying as that isnt really helpful..
I guess the links (if they work) below are...

Somethings I recently remembered having gone thru in Mumbai (Bombay) Mirror

And... somewhere in between (5th or 6th) here->


HEY!!! You shouldn't even be smoke'n!!!! Maybe u could get AIDS but maybe it would serve you right!!

Knight Rider
ummm well lets just say if this happen to you the outlook is not good sorry if this did happen to you maybe by some act of god give it a while then go get tested and hope for the best

u will get that sacred decease only if u have some cut or wounds n ur lips, thats my assumption. but i am sure that u dont want to take thisa an a reason to quit smoking.

No, you can't get AIDS from that. Or HIV.

You'd be better off not smoking at all.


Light kills bacteria so If you were in the light i wouldnt think you should worry but check with your doc.

well if the blood in the cigaratte ,,,,u have also to have a cut in ur mouth the blood of the sick person should reach this cut to have Aids,,,the virus of Aids is weak can not get to ur blood through ur mouth liquid (slava ),,it needs to infentrate directly to the blood...(but actually u can get habitits C as its virus is strong enough but slower to infect the body than Aids)

it's possible, but the risk is so low that you shouldn't worry about it.

if ur tlking about microscopic amounts of blood, not likely. If the peson was actively "bleeding", i would advise against smoking the cigarette or inserting in any orefice.

...Sky the Limits...
If the infected person is hurt in the mouth, and the cigarette gets this blood, then you smoke the same cigarette, there is a chance that you get the virus...

Women are more likely to get HIV more than Men...

You have an option of two:
- quit smoking;
- don't share a cigarette...

If you had an open sore in your mouth or on your lip and the fresh blood came in direct contact with the sore, it is possible but the AIDS virus has a very short life span outside the body. Get tested in 15 days and don't have unprotected relations between now and then.

Don't smoke, if the AIDS doesn't get you, cancer will.

James D
I suppose that if an infected person's blood was on the cigarette that it's possible that you're at risk. It's my understanding that saliva alone isn't the same thing.

♥I'm A Boy♥↓
Another reason to quit smoking.

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