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Can HIV spread through sweat and tears?
I know it sounds weird and I don't buy it either... but my family believes this... I think they are wrong and this is just a misconception... can anyone please clarify this???

No you cant get it through sharing sweat and tears

No. HIV cannot live outside the human body. Do some research.

No, it can only spread through blood or the secretions from your nutsack

∂ιαиα †Matisyahu†
no, i don't think so

Nope... just Blood.

HIV CAN live outside the body like say you had a cut and they had cut themselves and you got some of their blood on your cut. Needlestick injury etc tears and sweat are okay, you would need bucket loads for even a slight chance.

Daft One
Sweat? NO

Tears? YES!

HIV is spread through mucus membranes (our eyeballs are mucus membranes), so YES you can get it through tears.


no.....HIV is eather an STD or you are born with it.....it does not live outside the body....those are the only two ways....

Antonio r
yes i think so

YES you can get it from any body fluid that is exchanged between two people. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY THING THAT SAYS OTHERWISE!!!!! You can get HIV from any fluid that leaves the body, blood, sweat, tears, urine, anything!

Don't listen to any of the people who answered before me. HIV can be spread through every body fluid, including saliva, yet, you'd have to drink 50 gallons, or maybe a little less, of someone's saliva in order to get HIV from them.

So, it is possible to spread HIV through sweat and tears, but the amount of HIV in a drop of someone's sweat, or in a tear, is very little, just like their saliva. I'm not sure "how much" HIV is in every tear, or sweat droplet, but the virus can be passed through those body fluids.

That website should help.

There are alot of misconceptions about AIDS/HIV. Please talk to them because its misconceptions like this that put people at risk. Everyone who answers this needs to read that page because it has a lot of facts many do not know.

you'd have to get that sweat and tears into an open wound.

dean w

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