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 How do people get std and hiv.?

 Ive recentley got back with my ex and things are great!!!!?
Thing is, when we was apart we both had new partners mine was a fling, and so was his. His however was a 18 yr old girl. When he first finished wi her she said she was pregnant, he told her the truth ...

 I am proud of my stds. is that bad?

 Am I dirty now?
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 How can women transmit AIDS to men?

 I have aids should i tell my parents?
I have aids already 3 years and i have no ttold my ...

 How did HIV/ AIDS start?
I was just wondering, we r talking about it in my health class in school....

 I need help! Very sensitive and awkward question?
My boyrfriend has a rash. It started as just a few tiny bumps, but then it turned to a scab. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, he went to the doctor and she said it didn'...

 At what age can you start giving your baby eggs? I forget.?
I'm just having my breakfast and my 10 1/2 month old son is looking intrigued. Is it ok if I let him try some?
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WHAT! How the crap did this question go under STDs? ...

 What does penicillin cure?
i have a project due tomorrow and i need some notes about penicillin and how it works so can you please help me?...

 Can a 14 year old get hpv.is it common? if she had all her hepatits shots is it still possible?
my frend found out with her mom that she has hpv but they think they got the test mixed up.cuz her mom and her have the same last names......she was tested positive hpv at high risk.............but ...

 How you treat herpies?
What's an outbreak?...

 Is it true you can get STD like diseases from peeing in the Sea?
Is it true?

In the sea , not at the sea....

 Should you go to work when you have? Nice answers please!!?
Should you go to work when you have an outbreak of herpes virus 1. Just the outbreak on your lips?
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I wasnt sure if you can give them to someone just by touching your ...

 I need to know if you can have herpes and have no symptoms. And can I give it to someone else.?

 Recently my fiance of 3 years told me he has HPV with warts. I do not have the virus.?
I told him we would have to use a condom from now on. 3 days later after no calls he broke up w/me via e-mail...my friends think he did this because he wants to find someone that may not know of his ...

 What are these pus-filled lumps?
Occasionally i get a painful lump on my labia and when i touch it, a whole load of pus comes out and then a little bit of blood.
No itchiness, no discharge, just pain.

What the hell ...

 Can you get aids from a virgin?

 How long does HIV last?
I think it's incurable so you have it forever but I'm not sure and I can't find a website that talks about it and I need to know for a school essay....

 Can you catch aids by eating after someone who has it?

Pancho G
Are STD's good for you?

crystal m
Are f***ing retarded!? How can honestly ask this question!? You are retarded for asking that and no wonder why you dont have an avatar! I wouldnt want to show my face if i asked a question like this either! People die from STD's so how could you think they were good for you!?

are you stupid?

Umm...no. Not at all.

john b
I love a good Steak Tarter Dijon.

only if you want to be infertile

john t
yes you want some syphilis in a bottle or something else

monte the man
If you don't know the answer to your own question on this matter u need to check more into STD's good luck and have a nice day.

need a reality check
It just depends. Something small like Chlymedia might be ok if the act of acquiring the disease outweighs the negative aspect of it.

What would compel a person to ask this? I hope there is some underlying reason for this idiocy, but I doubt it.

No. No STD's are good for you. None of them have pleasant, desireable side effects.

The silliness of your question makes me sad.

david UK
not for me,my wife would kill me

Shari Alexis
Hell ******* no! You're just doing this to piss everyone off!

no sh*t their awesome

haha, yes, I try to get one of every color...

‚ô•JaMeS's MoMmY‚ô•

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