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 How do i treat sinus pressure on my head?
the pressure affects my neck at times and sticks to my scalp. my nose gets stuffy. i tried applying icyhot to it. s.o.s. vicks is so so. meds do not work. so any alternatives?...

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 Does everyone cough up phlegm in the morning or is it justy me?
what causes it because I've always done it?...

 My sons cough is worse at night! Could it be asthma??
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 What is a good home remedy to get rid of a snotty head?
I have had a cold for a week, and I feel fine now, except for the never ending snot that seems to harbor itself in my sinuses. Any ideas to drain / get rid of it?...

 What could cause abdominal cramping, bloody stool, chest pains, constipation, an full body tremors?

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I am 90,000 Dollars in debt from medical bills, and i can't get them covered by the state there all on credit cards and i DON'T have insurance!!!...

 Advair or Albuterol? I'm new to asthma,I have tightness in the chest?
I have never taken the advair but I have it, I take qvar daily.I had read the disclosure for advair and it sounded so extreme! I was scared to take it.Usually I take albuterol when I am sick which I ...

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 What is the best medicine to eliminate cough?

 Why does my asthma always start this time of year!?
it always seems to start about the same time, is there something in the air this time of year?. im really fed up with it!....

 Why won't my cough go away? What can it be?
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 Do you smoke?
1000000 out of 5000000 kids smoke at the age 6 and ...

 Genius way to make people quit smoking? or not?
Every time I walk pass a smoker and inhale secondhand smoke, I purposely cover my mouth and make huge coughing noises. Then, I say really loudly, "oh jeez where is that toxic smell coming from I ...

 Can I be electrocuted from smoking cigars in the bathtub?
I live with my grandmother, who came here from Greece a couple years ago. Lots of time, before I go to school in the morning, I have a cigar while I'm taking a bath. She told me that it could ...

 Coughing up blood?
my best friends little sister had been coughing up some blood recently and shes only 12 i was wondering wat possible diseases it anything it could be or if it might not be that big of deal

 My son has a terrible cough. i cant take him to the clinic untill monday. any home remedies to bring it down?

 How do you get past the dr receptionist to see a doctor if its important?
ive bronchitus and went to the nurse for a yearly check. she didnt want to do the test because my BP was 200 something over 108 and i got told i would have a heart exam, the treadmill and such but ...

 What is the BEST deoderent if you sweat alot?
honest answer please! and thank ...

 Whats a good remedy for a sinus infection?
It's really kicking my butt.
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Trying to sleep is a major problem....

 Can you suggest some natural remedies for dry cough?

antoinette m
Will your child get sick if you take them outside with Vicks Vapourub on their chest?
Someone told me that if you did they would get sick and eventually develop asthma...is this true in any way shape or form?

Vicks Vapo Rub should be used on your chest when your inside the house, you shouldn't go out with it on. You can get pneumonia.

Sir J
No, that's a myth. It's fine.

The chemicals can't be good for them if they are not sick.

i don't think i'd smear the kid down in vapor rub and take him outside in the freezing air

No that's not true but there's no point in putting it on them if they're not sick.

No, just an old wives tale.

No. Germs cause illness. Viruses and bacteria. Vick's does not cause asthma, but you should not use it on someone who does have asthma.

Bonzai Betty
Vicks vaporub opens up breathing tubes, and is recommended in emergencies for people who already have asthma, who are having an attack and without their inhalers or the means of obtaining one.

I was asthmatic and I remember my mom plastering me with Vick's Vaporub. It never harmed me. It helped me sleep better. I did the same with my children and they never got sick. I still use it when I have a cold. I even put a little bit on my temples when I have a bad headache.

no thats not true at all. people get sick from germs not from being outside or from vicks vapor rub. Then reason people get sick more often in the winter is not because they go outside its because they don't and germs are spread from everyone being shut in. hope this helps.

Dances With Woofs!
No,it won't hurt them.It's an old wive's tale.My mother used to tell me that when I was small,and I'm not dead yet.Since they will smell like eucalyptus,the worst that will happen is that they will attract Koalas LOL

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