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 Hi my GP has given me some meds called Magupen any ideas what they are?
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 Blood tests: anyone knows a lab that will do all blood tests without prescription here in denver colorado??
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Why would a cold come on so suddenly and strong?
Yesterday I felt ok--a bit extra tired in the evening.But this morning I woke up with a nasty,full-blown cold.I have a sore throat,runny nose,chills,cough,sneezing,and my voice sounds like a frog on mushrooms.
I hardly ever get colds!
I am now taking a cold remedy that removed the runny nose and coughing and replaced it with an all-consuming fatigue--which is very bad,as I am the mom of 4.
Any suggestions?!Thanks.

saggy balls
are you sure?....your eye isnt blood shot....hoho

There are some bad bugs around at the mo, you may well get it bad on the chest?? Quick fire solution Anti-B's off the Doc, because this strain of virus can last 2/3 weeks.

telboy everton forever
is it a cold or hayfever

it just happens that way sometimes, it is generally a viral infection. I once like you just felt tired and woke up in the night with the sorest sore throat i have ever had with runny nose etc....
its difficult when you have children but try to rest when they do.
hope you feel better soon.

i think the colds today should be called super colds..and super flu....
i had the flu for one week..and the cough remains 3 weeks later.
chicken soup..it works
hot tea lemon & honey
ginger ale
when you need to rest..try to go for a nap when your children are in school.

It could just be that your immune system was already low and the cold has managed to take on full force because of that. Are you getting enough sleep? That can affect how quickly a cold takes hold. Are you experiencing more stress than usual? Have you been feeling run down lately? All these things could be the reason. Keep up the vitamin C intake and try and get rest when you can, which is easier said than done with four kids!

Hope you feel better soon!

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