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Why does this happen? for three months now, i sneeze anytime i wake up from sleep in the morning.?
my boyfriend is athsmatic . could i have contracted it from him?

No. Sneezing is not a symptom of asthma. It could be from germs in the air including pollen and dust. You need to get an air purifier.

have you changed your washing detergant or fabric conditioner that you wash your sheets in it may be an alergy to it

When's the last time you cleaned your room? It might be dependent on the dust levels in your house.

I knew someone once who reacted with sneezing and sinus pain from a down quilt. Feathers, down, wool can all cause sneezing.

Could be sensitive nose. Get a doctor's advice.

#1 Asthma is NOT contagious, Most early morning sneeze attacks can be caused by alergies, notably Dust mites . These little guys live in your bed feasting upon the dead skin that you shed at night and most people are not bothered by them, It's their fececs or dropings that cause the sneezing. remove your bedding and vacuume the mattress and wash the sheets, this should help for a while vacuume once a month and wash linnens every week.

The UnknownAnswer
Cut down on the blow

skens girl
Contract Asthma?? Maybe you need a new mattress?xx

sounds like allergies. asthma's not contagious. try using an ionic air purifier at night. http://www.surroundair.com/xj2100uv.htm

Denise A
Do you have carpets in your bedroom? You may be allergic to dust. I had this problem for years, I would either start sneezing or I would have to blow my nose every single morning. And it didn't matter how much I vaccuumed or dusted. We got rid of the carpets in the bedrooms and problem solved. My stuffed animals also had to relocate from my bed to a shelf.

You could be disturbing dust, or the 'sheddings' of dust mite and that is irritating your nose. Dry air could be making things worse, try spraying water (use a fine spray on a houseplant mister, with plain water) around the room to get any dust to settle then thoroughly vacuum, including the bed.

As far as I'm aware asthma is not catching.

well if you find out let me know, my Husband sneezes every morning when he gets up. you are supposed to lose brain cells everytime you sneeze, my hubby can't have many left :)

dust mites maybe??

Here Comes the Sun
Asthma cannot be contracted. I think you are suffering from a condition called Allergic Rhinitis (basically, an over-sensitive nose!) I wonder if you also suffer from hayfever? Do aerosols also make you sneeze?

You can be prescribed a nasal spray called Nasonex to help keep this under control. Most preparations that you buy over the counter are useless - see your GP for a prescription.

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