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 I know cannabis does not cause lung cancer as it would be all over the news. is it dangerous to the bronchi?
but i seem to be having a severe case of bronchitis now for over a month and the past two days have been hell. severe sore throat and dry cough. i smoke only about 2 pin joints a day. i do not smoke ...

 Why is she throwing up and coughing blood up too?
My friend is pretty sick .She is throwing up and coughing up blood .Also she hasn't really been eating....

 Why does this happen?
whenever i try to sleep, i feel like something is on me, it was also harder to breathe and there was this intense pressure on my body and i couldn't move....

 Should I be at school if I have Bronchitis?
It's high school.
And I'm never hungry anymore and I think I might be staarting to suffer from ...

 Do anyone know any natural cures or fixes for asthma?
I have been with asthma my whole life and its pretty severe . I tried apple cider vinegar treatment but it didn’t work, it actually ended up hurting my throat and now i can barely speak cause it ...

 Panic attack!?
Hi okay iv been having Panic attacks for no reason!!! and im just a 13 year old girl!!! It stats at night or during a movie and i feel like im going to die ! its scary and i dont know what to do!! i ...

 Hospital procedure?
what do i do if i'm not happy with the way my mum has been treated... or not treated ... while shes in hospital
Additional Details
is there somethin i can do while shes still in ...

 Which of the two has the higher cost of care: the smoker or the non smoker?

 Is rolling your own cigarettes healthier than smoking normal cigarettes?
and i know smoking is bad ...

 What causes are there for the respiratory problems?

 I am having trouble breathing?
I am not in really any stress, other than what I normally have, and maybe even less. I do not have asthma nor any allergies that would affect my breathing. I have had a very tight feeling in my chest ...

 Why can't I smell?
I haven't been able to smell for about 3 weeks now. Sometimes I can and then I can't as well as being able to taste. Today I was able to smell at one point and then I became clogged. The ...

 Cough for just over two weeks....?
If I have had a cough for just over two weeks....not getting better...is it likely I have bronchitis?
Additional Details
should I go see a doctor?...

 What could be the cause of my chest pain?
i have been experiencing chest pain in the middle of my chest in-between my breast. i only feel it when i turn to the side or when i touch the middle of my chest. there is normal heartbeat....

 Helpppppp Sore throat?
I have had sore throat and coughed since Monday. How to recover by Saturda without taking any "artificial" medicine???...

 ASTHMA ... Does anyone else have this horrable disesase?
I hate this disease.I have been in the hosp so many times with it. How do other people deal with it? Any methods I could use to help treat it? I am on 3 meds already! I hate it!...

 Is it possible to "cure" asthma?
I'm 36, and had asthma as a child as well (when I was 1, "got over" the asthma when I hit 2)....

 What is a good non-drowsy allergy medicine for someone who is allergic to almost everything?
My boyfriend has had asthma and allergies since he was a kid, and I hate seeing him sniffle and snort and have trouble breathing. He treats the asthma and tries to treat the allergies but they still ...

 I want to give blood....where do I go?
I just want to do something nice for my birthday hahah
Additional Details
thank you ...

 Can anyone help me with Bronchitis?
For the last 2 years I have been getting Bronchitis twice a year. All of the info. I find on Bronchitis talks about people who smoke and I am a non-smoker, have been all of my life. I can't ...

Why does my chest hurt so bad after I drink alcohol?
It's mainly in my sternum area. It hurts so bad I can't breath. It happens like right after I drink too, even if it's just a sip. I know it's not heart burn, because I had that for like the last three months of my pregnancy, this is much worse!
Additional Details
I have been drinking for about a year now, and this just started up. I don't drink that often, and it has happened the past two times. I do have a heart murmur, and I have stopped drinking.

Well first of all, your body doesnt like the things that are in the Alcholol. And becuase you chest hurts a lot, you really need to stop. For all you know, you could be doing bad damage to yourself. Just drink something else.

maybe if it causes you physical pain you shouldn't drink or atleast go see your docter, maybe if you are on somekind of medication, it might be fighting against the alcohol causing you physical

You need to see a doctor. They will definitely help you because the same thing happened to me but not with alcohol. You could be allergic so my tip would be to see a doctor and stop drinking

Trever M
Could be you dont have the enzymes to break down the alcohol fully, or your drinking foammy beer and it is expanded while your swallowing it and it irritates your chest. just stop drinking!

Maybe you're allegoric.

Tuna Melt
don't drink


Some people react differently to alcahol, in some ways getting incredibly hyper from like the first sip, or feeling extreme nausia, maybe your reaction to alcahol is serious. In most cases of people being sick when drinking alcahol it could be the kind, or being allergic, I'm not exactly sure but I'm hoping you figure it out, if it doesn't go away, consult a doctor.

this is what happened to my brother, and he refused to pay attention to it... and kept drinking more and more.... he ended up in the hospital on life support for a week.... not fun... he was allergic to the alcohol... go see a doctor and get it checked out... best of luck to you !

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